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Why You Need to Consider Customer Service for a Water Restoration Company

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If you’re in the business of water restoration, chances are that you encounter a lot of different situations on a daily basis. In many of these interactions, potential customers are experiencing distress over water damage in their homes. One of the most important parts of your interactions with these people is customer service. Customer service can make or break a relationship with a client. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons to consider strengthening how your water restoration company approaches customer service.

Water Restoration Company Tip #1: Be Available 24/7

Floods and other kinds of water damage can happen at any time. If a pipe bursts at 3 AM, a potential client wants to get the problem solved as soon as possible. The first aspect of customer service to be mindful of involves your availability to customers. Have someone available to answer calls at any time: days, nights, weekends, holidays. Water damage doesn’t take a holiday, and neither should your approach to customer care.

Tip #2: Show Great Empathy

When making contact with new customers, it’s important to anticipate their needs while addressing them warmly. Coming home to standing water and extensive damage can do a number on a homeowner’s emotional state. Anticipate their questions and needs. Act with emotional intelligence and treat each interaction with respect. The same can be said with existing customers: understand that getting back to normal is incredibly important to all parties involved.

Water Restoration Company Tip #3: Always Do Clean Work

Once the work has begun, the customer service shifts largely into the control of the working team. Water restoration work can be dirty, time-consuming work, but customers will appreciate clean work. Your water restoration team members should arrive on time, in clean uniforms, and show care in how they complete each day’s work. Leaving the customer’s home in slightly better condition when the team leaves for the day can go a long way. Make sure to never let mold growth infestations take over after a dry-out. 

Tip #4: Follow Up Afterwards

Finally, the customer service shouldn’t end when the job finishes. While we hope that extensive water damage doesn’t happen to the same customer’s home twice, maintaining a positive relationship can pay significant dividends. Consider reaching out to the customers a few days or weeks after the restoration project has been completed. Use these interactions to make sure that there are no new or unfinished issues that require correction. Additionally, your level of customer service may gain your company future customers through online reviews and word of mouth.

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