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What To Do If Your House Floods During A Bad Storm In Tempe

Being in a flood can be a scary situation in Tempe. Our team at ASAP Restoration knows that sometimes your mind just goes blank and you don’t know what to do or what steps to take. Not only is your life at risk once your house floods but your property is also at great risk. The damage water can do to a home is unfathomable especially if you haven’t done any prior research and just expect things to go back to normal afterward. If your house has flooded then you should expect to have water damage in the area where there is flooding. If it gets really bad and the room is actually filling up with water you should immediately notify a professional team.

Once you return to your home after the storm and look at the overall water damage that occurred in Tempe. You should check and see if your electrical box is above standing water. If so then you should call a professional electrician to turn it off. If it isn’t that you should be able to turn it off your house. You also want to go inside the home and check for leaking things like gas and leak you want to turn off the main valve to your house to prevent you from being exposed to those chemicals. Do not turn the lights on because anything can cause a spark. You should call the fire department and the police department and don’t return until you are told it is safe to do so. It is very important you do these things because they can prevent health issues in the future. When returning to your home it is important to know that it is going to smell awful from the flood water damage in your Tempe home. Mold and other things most likely grew during this time and have infested the flooded areas. If your house has been closed for a couple of days you should enter briefly(if safe) to open the doors and windows to let it air out.  Not only will your home have mold but there is also a high chance that it is also contaminated with sewage.

If you have pets, be sure to call a service that will help retrieve the pest left in at home in the storm. Hopefully, you took them with you but we know some people don’t and think they can fend for themselves. But if you are ever in a flood situation and you need to leave grab your pets. If you leave them in a kennel there’s a chance they won’t make it. If you do happen to leave them the police will be able to rescue your pet. But you really shouldn’t depend on them to do that, your pet should never be left in that situation. I understand if you are away from home and a really bad flood happens in your Tempe home, but if you evacuate and leave your fur-baby then that’s cruel. We at ASAP Restoration not only care for your safety but the safety of your pet as well. That is why we try our best to keep you informed.


The Worst Part About A Flood in Your Home In Tempe 

After your house has experienced severe flooding in Tempe, you may notice a nasty smell coming from it. That is because your home may have been exposed to a variety of things during this time. Not only could your house have been exposed to sewage water but it is also probably contaminated by septic water as well. Your house will already have a large amount of mold growing, possibly an infestation inside your home. Which makes it no longer safe to be in there. Your furniture is also most likely water damaged and needs to be replaced if it isn’t salvageable. Some of your walls may need to knock down to create a better drying process for the company you choose.

When it comes to fixing water damage after a flood in your Tempe home, ASAP Restoration has the best tools and professional team to get the job done. It is important you find a team that knows what they are doing and has the proper technology. You will need some sort of team to come to look at your home and run mold testing and dryness testing. This process takes days to a week for it all to be finished. Once they have knocked out your walls, torn up carpet, and removed salvageable items, then they apply antimicrobial substances all around your home to ensure mold doesn’t grow. If mold has already grown, chances are it will kill the existing mold spores. This gets rid of infestations of mold in your home and prevents them from causing you serious respiratory harm in the future. After your home has had all that done, a construction team comes in and fixes all the walls and flooring. They make sure everything is back to normal and stable for you to move back in. You don’t want to be living in hazardous conditions that a flood could possibly cause.

This is the worst part from flooding in your Tempe home because of the price that it is going to cost you. This isn’t cheap at all. Paying for all these services let alone replacing ruined furniture is going to cost you a pretty penny. Sometimes that’s unavoidable, but sometimes you can get compensation from insurance after a really bad flood that can help you pay for all the expenses.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a flooding in your home from a bad storm in Tempe, please feel free to call our ASAP Restoration team today. We are always trying to make sure you are fully informed and aware of the possible hazards that could be around you.

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