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What to Consider When Selecting an Asbestos Abatement Contractor

asbestos exposure

Asbestos Abatement Contractor Checklist

Asbestos abatement is a critical task for both homes and businesses alike.

Unfortunately, over a thousand products have widely used asbestos due to its versatility, strength, and affordability.

However, improper maintenance or removal of asbestos-containing materials in homes and buildings poses significant health risks.

To eliminate the threat, thorough asbestos abatement is necessary.

While some cases require removing a portion, most involve the abatement of entire materials.

The abatement process depends on the amount and location of asbestos.

Due to health dangers, choosing a reliable asbestos elimination expert is crucial.

Here are some essential steps to find a trustworthy contractor for your home or office.

Check for Certifications

Ensure the company possesses proper certifications for handling hazardous friable asbestos.

Also ensure that they follow all legal regulations during the abatement process.

Additionally, inquire about the specific certifications and licenses held by abatement professionals.

This guarantees their expertise in safely and legally managing friable asbestos removal.

Ask for References

Verify the company’s references and projects for professionalism and reliability.

Contact previous clients to assess the effectiveness of their work.

Review the company’s portfolio to gauge expertise in your specific asbestos abatement needs.

Inquire about any awards, certifications, or recognition the company has received in the abatement field.

This information further validates their expertise and commitment to quality service.

Finally, ensure that the company complies with all local and federal regulations governing asbestos removal.

Insurance Coverage for Asbestos Abatement

Ensure the asbestos removal company has comprehensive insurance covering bodily harm, property damage, and air pollution liability.

Check if they also have automotive liability insurance for transporting asbestos to a proper disposal site.

Confirming the company’s insurance coverage safeguards you against potential risks during asbestos removal.

Additionally, inquire about their bonding, which adds an extra layer of protection against incomplete or faulty work.

Ask for a Detailed Asbestos Abatement Plan

Evaluate the competency and preparedness of the prospective asbestos removal company.

Ask them to outline their removal process details for you.

The asbestos specialist should offer guidelines for worker safety, just like a mold eliminator.

They should provide specifications for the sealed contaminated area, methods, and proper waste disposal.

Don’t take any chances with asbestos in your home or office location.

Look for a Full-Service Provider

Select a contractor capable of guiding you through the asbestos removal process, from sample testing to contaminated waste disposal.

Choose a company with extensive experience and industry connections to ensure a smooth abatement process.

While homeowners can legally perform asbestos removal, doing so without proper experience can worsen the situation.

Only a licensed asbestos abatement contractor should handle the removal of asbestos-containing materials.

So if your home is already dealing with asbestos exposure, contact our team at ASAP Restoration today!

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