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What Happens If Mold Damage Isn’t Treated?

Untreated Mold Damage

Learn What to Expect From Untreated Mold

When mold damage isn’t treated right away in your home, a large variety of issues can and will appear.

We at ASAP Restoration know the extent of the fungal damage that mold can cause. This happens especially if mold has been left untreated after water damage.

It can do a number of things that are not only bad for your health but bad for your home.

You want to avoid situations like this if possible.

If you notice mold inside your home you should call a professional immediately. Do this to minimize the damage it causes and get rid of it as soon as possible.

Mold is something most people don’t know how to deal with by themselves so getting help is a great choice. Mold damage in Tempe can appear from a variety of things.

Common Mold Expectations

Water damage that inadequately addressed in your house commonly causes mold.

Call a professional team to handle everything properly if you are affected by water damage.

If you do this you ensure that mold doesn’t start appearing all around your house.

Mold only takes 24 hours after water damage has taken place to start growing and spreading inside your home.

When mold starts popping up it can leave unpleasant smells and spots on furniture. It can be a real problem if left untreated for long periods of time.

That is because the mold will start to grow and spread throughout your home.

It will turn into a mold infestation which takes longer to get rid of and longer to deal with. It becomes harder because different forms and types of mold may start to appear as well

ASAP Restoration knows a thing or two about mold. If you leave mold untreated in your home in Tempe it can start leaving spots all around your house.

Dark spots or spots that appear green.  If you notice these spots around your house you should call ASAP Restoration.

We have a professionally trained team with a track record of getting rid of mold.

We have the proper tools and techniques to ensure it doesn’t come back. And we can also check around your house for the source of the mold and get rid of that too.

Untreated Mold Damage Symptoms

Mold can also cause a variety of other issues for homeowners in Tempe.

It isn’t just spotted in your home or own your furniture, but it can also cause health issues as well.

Inhaling mold can cause serious internal damage to your body that can lead to things like strokes, or even death.

That is why leaving mold untreated can be so dangerous for someone to do.

Mold could be the reason your family may get seriously ill.

Mold will also cause a very nasty smell in your home.

It will not only be hurting you internally but it will also be hurting your nose as you breathe. 

It doesn’t help that it is constant. This means every time you breath through your nose you are smelling this horrendous and foul stench.

This is also a surefire sign that there is mold in your home. Mold is also known to affect people with allergies the worst throughout Arizona.

If you have allergies and you have untreated mold in your home, that might be the reason you have allergies.

This is especially so if they have been acting up so bad the past couple of weeks.

Mold causes allergy sensitivity and makes the things you are allergic to or sensitive affect you in more powerful ways.

You may experience more coughing, sneezing, sinus congestion, headaches, and eye irritation.

These are all symptoms that may not just be your allergies. It could be mold in your home that you don’t know about.

If you experience water damage that you call a professional team to come look for mold as well.

Mold Damage Left Untreated Final Thoughts

Your clothing isn’t safe either. If you have clothes in boxes or hanging up in closets, they can also grow a mold infestation.

Mold will ruin your clothes if there is excess moisture present. This is because most of the time it is a perfect situation for mold to grow.

It is in a dark moist environment which turns it into a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Mold will stain your clothes and leave them with a stench that is hard to get rid of.

You are better off throwing the affected clothing away and replacing them with new clothing.

If you think you are experiencing mold issues, it is in your best interest to treat them right away.

You don’t want mold infesting your house and causing bad smells and health issues.

You want to be sure to call a professional team like ASAP Restoration so we can solve all your issues.

We also want to ensure your safety because you are our top priority. 

If you have mold in your home in Tempe, reach out to our ASAP Restoration team today.