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What Happens During a Mold Remediation?

Mold Damaged Drywall

Everything involved during a mold remediation

Mold remediation is not dangerous, however it can be when it proliferates and produces toxins.

You do not always need to call a remediation contractor when you spot mold in your home after water leaks.

A homeowner can handle the mold remediation process themselves if the mold is not more than 10 square feet.

If the mold grows beyond 3×3 feet, that is the time you’ll require the assistance of a professional contractor.

To understand the remediation process, here are the things that professional contractors do to rid a property of unsightly mold.

Always Suit Up For the Action

Mold elimination professionals show up at your house in white suits, and wearing goggles, boots and respirators.

As with any other possibly dangerous process, wearing protective clothing is part of their safety procedure.

Clear the Path Towards the mold Remediation Area

They will also run hoses through and place plastic sheeting along the hallway going to the remediation area.

If the moldy area is accessible from the outside, it would make the process a lot easier and safer.

This is because as a good contractor’s aim is to maintain your home clean while they remediate the mold.

Remember to keep your kids as far away as possible from the work area. Move your car away from the garage or driveway to provide a clear area for the remediation crew to work.

Uses Biocide to Kill Mold

On day one, the remediation company will spray biocide, a mold-killing agent approved by the EPA, to the mold-infested area.

Keep in mind that although many homeowners use bleach to kill mold, it is not an EPA-approved mold-killing solution.

Generally, this step does not take as long as the second. Once the contractors have covered all moldy areas in your property, they will leave the biocide to set.

Doing this kills those nasty mold spores permanently.

Sprays Encapsulant to the Mold remediation Area

Once the remediation company returns the next day, make sure to provide a clear access again. On day two, the crew will encapsulate all the remaining mold spores using a type of whitewash or paint.

To ensure that mold will not grow in the area or anywhere near it, we go the extra mile. Our mold remediation crew will be spraying the encapsulant beyond the infested surface. Most companies typically do this as part of their remediation procedure. Make sure you confirm this to the company you’re attempting to hire.

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