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What are the Average Water Restoration Costs?

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Here at ASAP Restoration, we wanted to inform Tempe residents about the average water restoration cost. We know a lot of people are uninformed on this topic so we wanted to shed light on it. The average water restoration cost typically depends on how bad the damage is in homes in Tempe. The worse the damage the more the cost will be. But we are talking about average cost so we need to compare to average damage. There are a lot of factors that play into this department.

Before you can understand how much it cost on average for Tempe residents, let us walk you through what takes place during water restoration. When referring to water restoration involves cleaning up your house from water damage. This can be caused by leaking pipes or floods. Water damage causes warping and bulges in your house structure. This can make your house look unsightly and leave spots and stains all throughout your house. You will also notice mold popping up and causing respiratory issues.


What Takes Place In A Water Restoration Process In Tempe

During water restoration, the first thing we will do is fully inspect the house. We want to make sure to spot all the signs of water damage. This way we can make notes and ensure that we don’t miss any spots. Even the tiniest piece of mold can turn into an infestation if not handled properly. This can turn into an even bigger problem, not only will your house have plenty of spots and stains. That actually cleaning depends on what category of damage you have. Throughout this post, we will tell you the categories and the prices depending on the situation.


What Is The Average Cost For Damage Restoration In Tempe

When it comes to damage restoration companies, there are different categories of water damage. Category 1 involves water damage with clean water. It is the easiest to dry and get rid of. The average price per square foot is $3 to $4. But drying is only the first step in the process. With clean water, it is $1 to $11 per square foot of carpet. This is because it typically requires different technology and equipment to dry the water out of a carpet and clean it. Drywall typically costs $1 to $3 per square foot. This is the least expensive way to clean up water damage. This is because it is clean water. Such as water spilling or water from the faucet. Things that cause clean water damage are leaky toilet tanks, rain, and sprinklers, burst pipes, and water heaters.

Category 2 involves grey water. Grey water is also known as sullage. It contains harmful continents such as detergents and these spills are more complicated to clean up and fix. You will have to pay on average $4 to $6.50 square feet to dry it with additional cost to repair the damage. Repairing hardwood will cost you anywhere between $10 to $15 dollars per square foot. Plaster damage is a different story $6 to $19 per square foot. Grey water damage includes overflowing appliances and toilets overflowing. Even though grey water has come into contact with sewage and fecal matter. It comes into contact with chemicals that pose health issues.

Category 3 involves Black Water. It is the most recognizable form of water damage. It is the hardest to clean up and the one that causes the most issues with the property and long-lasting health damage. It cost between $7 to $7.50 to clean it up from the home. This price doesn’t include the repair and replacement. The real issue is when it comes into contact with furniture. The restoration prices and repair prices of furniture are expensive. Many times you are better off replacing them than repairing them. Any porous material is at risk. Furniture like beds, carpeting, clothing, and porous building materials are at great risk. This type of damage usually needs a qualified mold remediation crew. These aren’t cheap whats soever. Black water contaminants usually include backups from drains and septic tanks, leaks or tears throughout your plumbing system, flooding from overflowing rivers, lakes, or contaminated groundwater, and secondary flooding created by powerful storm surges.

There are also classes for water damage. The class identifies the extent of the damage. You want to consult with a pro to define what class type you have. The cost by class includes class 1 $150 to $400, class 2 $500 to $1000, class 3 $1,000 to $3,000,  class 4 $20,000 to $100,000 on average.

Class 1 is the easiest most budget-friendly type of damage. It indicates that just a section of the room experienced water damage. It also states that very little carpet was exposed. The homeowner is able to fix the damage with some DIY experience. Class 2 indicates water damage through an entire room. This includes the wall up to at least 12 inches of the wall. It is more time-consuming for a water damage pro to clean up and that is why it experiences an increase in price. The moisture remains in the structure, appliances, furniture, and floors. Class 3 involves when water damage reaches multiple rooms. This takes longer for a team to clean up and can start posing health issues for you. Class 4 water damage permeates structural materials like stone, brick, and hardwood. It also spreads quickly throughout the house and causes infestations of mold.

If you have any questions about estimated prices for damage restoration, please feel free to contact our ASAP Restoration team in Tempe today. We are happy to answer all your questions and we want to steer you in the right direction. We can send out a team to estimate the cost of the damage.

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