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Water Damage Restoration Process In Tempe

Emergency Water Damaged Living Room

Water damage can be heartbreaking for Tempe residents, causing costly events and significant financial losses.

Repairing furniture and replacing water-degraded household items can have a substantial impact.

The mold it causes is devastating and hazardous to health.

At ASAP Restoration, we strive to inform you on what to do and how to prevent it.

We aim to prevent you from dealing with water damage, although it can sometimes be unpreventable.

Water damage restoration involves restoring the property to pre-loss conditions.

If your Tempe house has water damage, check for mold.

After drying, clean and sanitize the affected areas thoroughly.

Remove appliances and anything prone to mold. For extensive damage, call professionals.

Water Damage Restoration Tempe

At ASAP Restoration in Tempe, we prioritize customer care, conduct comprehensive assessments, and fix any issues.

Returning to normal after water damage in Tempe takes days to weeks.

Relying solely on surface drying for property restoration is insufficient and unsafe.

This can potentially leading to mold growth and health issues.

To address this, create a list of affected items and decide the best course of action.

Some furniture may be more cost-effective to replace than to repair after damage.

This can relate to the complexity and expense of fixing water damage.

Ensure effective and safe restoration by engaging a team with proper tools and expertise.

Compile a list of water-damaged items, then bring in a team to assess salvageable items crucial for home restoration.

Some items may not need replacement, even if furniture seems water damaged.

Anticipate the replacement of highly porous items like carpets and rugs prone to mold growth.

Restoring Tempe Homes and Businesses

In some cases, demolition is necessary, removing structures like drywall harboring hidden mold and posing health risks.

Demolition occurs before the drying process to enhance overall effectiveness by exposing flooring and removing drywall.

After drying water damage in Tempe, we take preventive measures against mold.

If mold is present, we eliminate it and apply antimicrobial substances to deter future infestations.

This prevents and eradicates mold, stopping its spread.

After completing this process, we assess furniture for replacement, identifying salvageable items for offsite restoration.

A team performs necessary construction work, fixing removed walls and affected areas based on testing and assessment.

If your home is already dealing with a mold contamination, contact our team with ASAP Restoration today!