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Water Damage Restoration Process In Tempe

Water damage can be heartbreaking for Tempe residents. It is a very costly event to deal with and can often leave you with big losses in your bank account. Repairing furniture and replacing water-damaged household items, will really affect you. The mold it can cause is devastating and very dangerous for your health, which is why at ASAP Restoration, we do everything in our power to inform you on what to do and how to prevent it. We don’t want you to have to end up dealing with water damage but sometimes it is unpreventable. If you have been affected by water damage then all hope isn’t lost. Your house can still be restored and your furniture can be replaced. Water damage restoration is restoring the property to pre-loss conditions.

When water damage affects your Tempe house, the first thing you want to do is check for mold and bulges in your home. Sometimes the mold will leave spots and a really bad smell that you can’t miss. You should try to clean and sanitize all the areas affected well after you dry everything up. Remove appliances and anything that can be susceptible to mold. If you have gotten the wrong side of the stick and a lot of your furniture and home has been damaged, you should call in a professional team to take a look and fix everything for you. Here at ASAP Restoration in Tempe, we truly care about our customers so we do our best to ensure that everything is taken care of and nothing is potentially missed.


The Water Restoration Process with ASAP Restoration In Tempe 

The process of returning back to normal after water damage in Tempe has taken place in your home can be a long journey. It can takes days to even weeks to fully complete this process. Most people believe when it comes to restoring your property all you need to do is surface dry, but this isn’t correct and it also isn’t safe. If you just do this, there is a very high chance you will let mold grow inside your home. This can lead to a variety of dangerous health issues that you won’t understand where they are coming from. There are important steps you should follow.  You have to write a list of all the things affected and try to decide what the best action is. Some pieces of furniture will affect your pockets less if you just replace them. Fixing water damaged furniture can sometimes be very pricey and involves some complicated procedures. That it is why you should have a team who has all the proper tools and knows exactly what to do in disastrous situations. 

After you have written up a list of what you think was affected from the water damage in Tempe, have a team come in and look at what is salvageable. This is a big part of restoring your home because some things don’t necessarily have to be thrown away or replaced. You may be thinking a piece of furniture is water damaged but it could just be the area around the furniture that has been negatively affected. You should expect things like your carpet and rugs to be replaced. Especially if they are super porous and soak in water. They will become a breeding ground for mold and may cause an infestation if not dealt with. In certain cases demolition is needed. Thinks like dry wall, and other structures in the home may need to be removed from the house. This is because the infrastructure of the walls have been affected by water damage and mold can grow inside your walls and cause you health issues and you wouldn’t know why. This occurs before drying the property takes place because removing dry wall and exposing flooring by removing carpeting provides a better drying process.

After this process is done and the drying is finished from the water damage in Tempe. We put factors in place so that mold will not affect your home. If it has we will do things to get rid of the mold. But we will apply antimicrobial substances to prevent mold from infesting in your home. Applying this not only prevents it but it destroys existing mold spores and stops them from spreading throughout the entirety of your home. When this process is fully completed properly, we will begin to look at the furniture that needs to be replaced. We will come in and look for items that are still salvageable and take them offsite to be restored. Not every item can be saved but a lot of them can be. Once we decide what salvageable and what isn’t we have a team come in to get the construction work done. We will fix all the removed walls and areas that were affected after dryness testing and figuring out what is still in good condition. Once everything is built and restored and your furniture is brought back, the process is over.

If you have any questions or concerns about water damage restoration in Tempe, please feel free to give our ASAP Restoration a call today. You are our number priority and we want to ensure that you are fully aware of the hazards of water damage.

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