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Water Damage Restoration Cost – Factors That Affect It

Minimizing Disaster Down Time From Water Damage

Amount of water and water damage restoration costs

If you own or rent a home, water damage restoration costs can be a huge issue after a disaster.

This is true especially if we don’t know how much will water damage restoration cost.

For example, if you have a leaning pipe behind your kitchen sink, that can be remedied pretty easily.

Even if it causes an inch of water on the entire kitchen floor, it’s best to handle it professionally.

On the other hand, an unnoticed leak in the upstairs shower could have been present for many years.

The latter can be a much bigger problem, since it can cause safety risks and mold damage.

Types of water

If you didn’t already know, water breaks down into several categories depending on the level of hazard it represents:

Category one denotes relatively clean water and poses no immediate danger.

Water used by your washing machine or dishwasher falls under Category two.

Category three is the highest and most dangerous category.

This water usually originates from sewage, has contaminants and bacteria and can be highly dangerous for your health.

The source of water damage

Water damage can originate from a number of places.

Water damage restoration costs and restoration approaches are all determined by location.

A leaking HVAC, can cause mold and mildew buildup.

This will require mold damage restoration.

Flooding could affect a larger area of your home.

This could lead to floor replacement and other expenses.

How does the size of the area affect water damage restoration cost?

This is because it will require more dehumidification, drying and more material for replacement or repairs.

Sometimes replacing a water-damaged kitchen is cheaper than having to repair an entire floor of your home.

Is the water still present or not

If there’s still water in the affected area, the restoration will be more difficult.

First, the professional will need to remove the excess water.

Then the property will need a thorough dry out.

Ultimately the areas must be dehumidified before we can begin any type of repairs or restoration.

How long has the water damage been present

If left untreated, water damage can cause severe problems that can only get worse in time.

Leaving the area untreated for several hours will result in damage to your carpeting, furniture, and belongings.

If left like that for days, mold and mildew will start to develop.

In some cases, the damage goes beyond repair, requiring replacements.

After a few weeks, the mold will take deeper hold in the organic structure of the walls and furniture.

By then it would be impossible to salvage it without extreme costs.

Furthermore, black mold can have severe health risks especially if the mold spores get into your lungs.

Untreated water damage over an extended period can lead to structural damage.

The house can shift under its own weights and it could start sinking.

Is there any mold growth?

The longer the water damage lasts, the higher the risks for mold and bacteria growth.

It doesn’t take them more than a few days before they start showing.

It can take them a week or so to start causing health problems.

So if your water damage also caused mold growth, you might need to do mold damage restoration as well.

Will the restoration require reconstruction too

Repairs are usually a better than replacement, and conservation is always cheaper than production.

Repairs not only save time but also material which can significantly reduce the water damage restoration cost.

Not every type of material reacts the same way to water damage.

For laminated floors, replacement in smaller patches is possible, but only after thorough drying.

And finally, if you have hardwood floors, if the damage isn’t extensive, you can replace different sections.

But, if the damage is too big, you will need to remove the entire flooring and start from scratch.

How does location affect water damage restoration cost?

The location of the source of water damage has a huge affect on recovery time.

This doesn’t only refer to the cost of living and water damage restoration cost.

If you live in an area that has a humid climate, drying and dehumidifying your home can take much longer.

There are various factors that determine water damage restoration cost.

You might want to opt for a DIY approach but without the necessary knowledge, skills, equipment and techniques.

If this is what you choose, you could end up doing more harm than good.

This usually results in increased costs and restoration time.

This is why it’s crucial to trust this important job to the professionals who know how to deal with it.

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