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Top Health Issues After A House Fire

fire damaged home

House Fires Cause Serious Health Issues

House fire issues can cause serious health issues after they have ravaged a home and ruined lives.

They can create hazardous conditions seemingly in the span of a couple of hours for Tempe residents.

Regular house fires in perfect conditions can cause a very big problem for the area surrounding Tempe, AZ.

Perfect conditions include the right weather, perfect wind, and things surrounding it that the fire can burn.

This is why wildfires are so dangerous, but it isn’t only because of the fire. Smoke from wildfires is bio-hazardous.

It can really do a number on your lungs and put you in a rather bad predicament.

Wildfires aren’t the only type of fires that can put you in peril. House fires come with a lot of damage.

Not only to property, and furniture, but it can also leave long-lasting health issues with you for life.

Back in elementary school when they would tell you all the safety protocols for a house fire in Tempe.

Then they would say to get down low so you wont be inhaling smoke.

At ASAP Restoration we want to let you know that this is advice you should follow.

It can actually help prevent some of the health issues we are going to break down and showcase.

How ever some of them may be unavoidable.

You just want to make sure you and your family get out of there safely. 

Learning About House Fire Health Effects

Your house has protocols in place to alarm you in case of a fire.

If you don’t already smell the smoke, then have a fire alarm in your house to let you know.

If you don’t see smoke going all throughout your house, then most likely it is something small.

You don’t want to risk the damage that it can do to your health.

It’s better to call the local fire department where they are professional and ready to combat the fire.

If you have a dog or animal make sure you get them out of the burning property immediately.

When you do escape the house fire you are not out of harms way.

We are going to break down all the health issues and shine a light on things that you may experience.

But most importantly as soon as possible get out of that house.

Grab your family and pets and escape as quickly as possible to minimize possible life long issues.

Fire Damage Health Effects Specifics

The smoke of a house fire in Tempe alone can be devastating to your health.

You will notice after being in a house fire you will have a lot of trouble breathing.

That is because the smoke can cause a lot of respiratory health issues.

But the smoke isn’t the only gas that can harm you.

If you have chemicals or anything of the sort in your house.

Once it catches on fire the fumes from that can also be very dangerous to your health.

Even after the fire your household objects will still smell like smoke and fire.

Unless you clean them this can also be doing damage that you probably didn’t know was happening.

smoke causes respiratory problems like those from mold but worse.

Another big issue caused by house fires that deals with the smoke is what it can do to your eyes.

After a house fire you may have to deal with eye irritation and redness.

Continually rubbing them or picking at your eyes, it could cause the damage to worsen.

If you are having issues and the irritation is to much to bare, you should consult a doctor.

Have them take a look at what they can do.

If you wait to long it will just get worse and worse over time.

Soot also has a play in the house fire health issues.

The affect of soot after a house fire can also cause you big health issues.

The way it affects your skin it will dehydrate your skin and cause dryness, and major irritation.

If you have burns on your skin after the fire you should immediately go to the doctor.

You should be urgent with burn incidents because they can cause damage to the body.

Final Thoughts On Health Effects of a House Fire

The smoke and soot in your Tempe house can cause detrimental damage.

If you have an infant in the house during the fire, it can create lifelong issues and difficulties for them.

These internal issues are a direct repercussions from the house fire and inhaling the fumes.

Another nasty thing about inhaling the smoke is that it can cause cancer.

Inhaling too much smoke and soot from a house fire can permanently damage your lungs.

That is why it is so important to have a planned escape route in your house that you practice.

Make sure your fire alarms all work and check their batteries regularly.

They also should be notifying you with constant beeping.

When it is doing that it means your batteries are low.

Before you blow it off remember, it might just save your life.

Our team is available to answer questions and would love to hear from you.

We hope this educated you and revealed the importance of planning ahead for events you may not expect.

We want to educate you and make sure you are safe and prepared for such tragic events.

If you have any fire damage please feel free to reach out to our ASAP Restoration team in Tempe.