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Three Things to Know about Deep Cleaning in 2023

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Three Things to Understand about Deep Cleaning 

There are very few surfaces or areas of our life that don’t require a regular schedule of deep cleaning these days. 

As our country continues to grapple with the healthcare, the need to keep our homes clean has never been more important.

One way to achieve a higher level of cleanliness is to schedule a deep cleaning.

Many of our customers require a deep cleaning after a water infiltration event too. 

Every homeowner should know about the deep cleaning and sanitization process to keep your home and family healthy.

#1: Professional Cleaners Have the Right Tools

When it comes to sanitization and decontamination, it’s best left to the professionals.

This is true because professional cleaners have access to tools and techniques that can reach the far corners of your home.

Additionally, expert cleaners have experience in any number of different scenarios that have required specialized care.

#2: Deep Cleaning Means Using a Variety of Methods

When it comes to the methods used for deep cleaning, professionals have used a variety.

They will utilize different cleaners and techniques to clean, sanitize, and protect the surfaces in your home.  

The team at ASAP frequently uses three methods: fogging, wiping, and spraying to deep clean your home.

Fogging is used to reach hidden spaces where only mold contaminates.

This method is also used to clean HVAC systems of lingering smells or bacteria.

Wiping involves thoroughly wiping down all surfaces with high-quality disinfectants.

Instead of wiping them away, professional cleaners will allow them to sit and really work.

Spraying is the process of sanitizing surfaces and allowing them to dry naturally.

#3: Hiring Professionals Keeps Your Family Safer

The most important thing about hiring professionals is the level of experience and care that they bring to your home.

When handling a cleaning project, hiring professionals ensures that the work is done carefully and completely.

When there’s already so much to worry about involving COVID-19, getting your home clean shouldn’t be on your list.

ASAP Restoration: Experts Since 2008

You’ve now learned about the most important aspects of the deep cleansing process.

At ASAP Restoration, we believe in doing quality work that meets the needs of each client.

Whether that means moving furniture, re-cleaning parts of your home, or working on the fly, we’ll take care of you.

We strive to keep your family healthy as we combat COVID-19 together.

Don’t wait, schedule your sanitization and decontamination to stay safe and sound. 

If your home already needs a deep cleaning sanitization, contact our experts with ASAP Restoration today!