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The Importance of BBB and ROC Certification

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The Critical Certification of BBB and ROC for Restoration Companies

The importance of BBB and ROC certification when choosing a home restoration company can’t be understated.

Home restoration is amazing in itself. Just by putting things together, a new and a better home can already be born.

However, it involves lots of risks. Like construction, certain mishaps may happen. These accidents may lead to injuries and worse, death.

Due to the physical nature of their jobs, they constantly risk injury if something goes wrong.

In fact, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released some information.

This resulted in statistical distribution of fatal occupational injuries by major industry sector for year 2007.

The report revealed that the largest contributor to occupational injuries that year was the construction industry (21%).

The number was way, way higher compared to the injuries in other major industries.

Breaking Down the Importance of BBB and ROC Certifications

The same report by ELCOSH also presented a breakdown of the figures.

It provided information on the fatality rate per occupation and according to this breakdown, construction workers were the ones who were most prone to accidents.

As for the exact incident leading to fatality, the leading was fall from roof.

Another graph in the same report displayed the information. The next cause was fall from scaffolding and fall from ladder.

Falls were the most common kind of accident in the construction industry, as indicated in a separate graph.

All these information just show how risky this industry is.

However, it is also a good trigger for us to ask ourselves—do all these things really have to happen?

As pointed out by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports, among the most common causes of these falls are violations of federal regulations.

Companies can avoid accidents if they are careful enough.

Lack of communication systems to warn workers is another cause of accident.

Apart from the ones mentioned, the lack of safety on scaffolding is also a major cause.

There are companies that forget their duties when it comes to providing safer facilities for their workers.

Some also have shortcomings when it comes to warning their workers about the risks involved in their jobs.

Critical Regulations for Restoration Experts

Ensuring workers’ safety and adhering to legal standards are crucial aspects of these regulations.

Now, here comes the need for companies that actually follow the standards and follow the rules.

Every day, people face numerous choices regarding the products and services they can obtain.

This means that every day, they experience difficulty choosing.

Then, as we all know, not all choices end up okay. Some trust certain establishments only to find out in the end that they are not worth the time and cash.

BBB has helped many people make things more bearable by setting standards. If you are wondering about what it has done for the past 100 years, here are the things BBB does:

  • BBB has specific standards for ethical business behavior. It also demands that registered businesses comply with its rules.
  • BBB assists consumers as they determine trustworthy businesses from those that are not.
  • BBB also evaluates charities and looks at their standards so people would know where their money is going.
  • BBB provides coaching regarding ethical behavior. It also helps businessmen to build stronger and more relationships with their customers.

Apart from BBB, there is also ROC or Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

You have to ensure that your contractor is following the safety measures and the correct guidelines to avoid accidents.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) basically helps people to come up with smarter decisions when choosing certain businesses to trust.

Like the BBB, ROC also aims to help people make better choices when choosing businesses to trust.

However, this one is more focused on contractors in Arizona.

Final Thoughts on BBB and ROC Certifications

Established by The Legislation in the year 1931, ROC aims to license and regulate residential and commercial contractors in Arizona.

It also aims to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

Whenever it receives complaints on businesses, whether licensed or unlicensed, it sends its staff to conduct some investigation.

Now we can say that a restoration company that is certified by BBB and ROC is a business you can trust.

It does not just have all the necessary papers like licenses, permits, and insurances; it also follows the rules mandated by the government.

Apart from these, you are also sure that the business complies with industry standards of both the BBB and ROC Certification system.

Therefore, besides ensuring the quality of work, a BBB and ROC licensed restoration company also follows safety measures when it comes to is restoration projects.

It also ensures workers’ safety by informing them about the risks associated with each job.

With all these, you can now say that a BBB and ROC licensed contractor is a contractor that avoids mishaps and injuries in its projects.

It is the kind of contractor that promotes safety of everyone—a kind of contractor you would want to hire to restore your home.

If your home or office is in need of professionals registered with the BBB and ROC, then contact our team with ASAP Restoration today!