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The Unknown Dangers of Smoke Damage

smoke damage

The Many Dangers of Smoke Damage

Fires are one of the most devastating forces that can hit a home. In fact, millions of Americans experience some form of fire every single year. After an individual goes through a fire, a lot of problems can begin to surface.

One of the biggest challenges a person will have to address is any smoke damage left over by the fire. Smoke damage can cause a multitude of issues. In fact, smoke damage can damage and even destroy your property and or personal possessions.

Also, smoke damage is a leading cause of health issues for a majority of Americans.

In this article, we will discuss the hidden dangers of smoke damage. We will also discuss why you need to hire a fire restoration company to help bring your home back to working order.

Smoke Damage and Your Property

Fire by itself can cause immense damage to someone’s home or property. However, the leftover smoke can also do its fair share of damage. There are a couple of critical areas in the home that are especially vulnerable to smoke damage or mold infestations


One of the areas that can be most significantly affected by smoke damage is the walls of a home. The smoke travels throughout a property, being absorbed into the walls as it goes. Once the smoke interacts with the wall, that’s when the damage begins to take hold.

One of the most prominent signs that your walls sustained smoke damage is the distinct color and odor the walls will take on. It is imperative to begin the cleaning and restoration process as soon as you notice the odor or the color.

In fact, if the cleaning and restoration process does not start right after a fire, there is a high risk that the wall damage can become permanent. Also, once you are dealing with permanent water damage, it becomes much more expensive to fix the problem.


A house’s pipes are responsible for carrying water throughout the home. With this in mind, it is critical that smoke stays away from the pipes. When smoke gets into pipes, it can contaminate the water supply. This contamination will give the water a distinct odor and taste.

Smoke Damage and Your Health

Unfortunately, smoke damage does a lot more than impact physical property. In fact, smoke damage can cause a multitude of issues for many people.

If someone has asthma or another respiratory illness, they are at a higher risk of suffering adverse medical effects. Smoke travels through the nose and mouth and journeys down to the lungs. Once smoke enters the lungs, it causes inflammation.

This inflammation, combined with a pre-existing respiratory illness, can cause lung pain and sometimes permanent lung damage. The best way to avoid any adverse health effects when it comes to smoke damage is to act quickly. The faster someone acts, the better chance they have of preventing smoke damage.

We recommend that after the fire, a mask is worn at all times until the cleaning and restoration process is complete.

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