Sewage Cleanup

It’s bad enough for your home or business to be flooded after a massive storm or when one of your water pipes burst. Now imagine if the water that invades your property is straight from the sewer.

Sewage Cleanup ServicesIf you think regular floodwater is filthy, then you will definitely be horrified and disgusted by the thought of your residence or office inches-deep in sewer water.

While no one would ever wish to need a sewage cleanup in the home or business locations, this kind of mess does happen, and you would want to be ready for it just in case. Call ASAP Restoration right away, and we will provide you with the sewage cleaning services that you need.

As one of the top sewer cleaning companies in Arizona, ASAP Restoration takes pride in its 24/7 sewage cleanup services. No matter what time of day sewer disasters take place, you can be sure that we will answer your call and immediately send our sewage removal team your way.

Don’t delay sewage contamination cleanup

Sewage Draining and Cleanup by ASAP Restoration 24/7Just like regular flood water, sewage water can cause costly water damage as it’s absorbed by the wood, plaster linoleum, carpets, and rugs. The actual physical damage, however, is nothing compared to the health risk it poses to everyone in your family or your colleagues at work.

With all the bacterial, fungal, or viral contamination that typically comes with sewage water, it is imperative that you contact a sewage company as soon as possible. ASAP Restoration is one such company that has been providing expert sewer cleaning services in Phoenix for years.

Using the latest sanitization techniques and equipment available, the ASAP Restoration sewer backup cleaning team will work to decontaminate the affected part of your property as quickly, safely, and completely as possible. They will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E) and will follow all industry safety measures and quality standards when doing their sewage cleaning.

Restoring your property

Once the sewer damage cleanup is done, our experts will then proceed to restore your property to its former state.

Sewage damage restoration is a specialty of the ASAP Restoration team, and that’s a guarantee that your property will look—and smell—as if nothing as filthy as raw sewage ever made its way inside it.

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