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Sewage Backup In Commercial Properties

Burst Pipe Water Damage

Commercial Properties Sewage Backups

Sewage backup can lead to a variety of different issues in commercial properties in Tempe.

When facing sewage backup it is important to send in a professional team for them to deal with it.

They have the tools and knowledge to get the category three water job done properly.

Backed-up sewage can cause leaking which can lead to water damage.

Since it is sewage it would be a higher category of water damage which would lead to more expensive repairs and fixes.

Fixing the mold and the resulting damage would take longer, requiring the use of more tools to properly complete the job.

Sewage Backup Specifics for Commercial Properties

Sewage backup can come from a variety of places to commercial properties in Tempe.

Most of the time the people who experience sewage backup get it from their toilets.

Especially if you are always using too much toilet paper or just flushing stuff down it constantly.

Toilets gets clogged. Use a plunger can fix the clog. It may not prevent your pipes from further filling up.

When you flush too many items at once this can lead to your pipes being congested and causing the sewage to redirect.

Once this happens you may experience leaking and your toilet overfilling.

There may also be leaking around the base of your toilet. If you experience any of these it is suggested that you call a professional to come in and take a look.

Sewage Backup Prevention in Commercial Spaces

To prevent sewage in Tempe back up you should first tell yourself, what could be causing it to happen.

Think about how you use your toilet and if you properly flush it. This can be a big factor when it comes to sewage backup.

A home with many women may also face shower clogs, with dirty water reversing and spewing back up from the drain.

This is because it is being overfilled with hair and other materials. This can also regularly cause a mold infestation too. 

This could lead to further congestion causing you bigger issues in the future.

Regularly inspect your sewage system, including septic and sewage pumps, for damage, and promptly address any identified issues.

This can slow down the risk of getting your sewage backed up. It can help with the flow in the pipes and unclog all that congested gunk in the pipes.

Tips For Avoiding Sewage Backup Cleanup

You can install check valves into your system to help prevent sewage backups in Tempe.

At first, you may not realize that your sewage is backing up.

This is common because the signs aren’t always super evident and stick out.

But some signs are your toilet water bubbling, drains making a gurgling sound, or slow draining in sinks or tubs.

More signs include lack of water pressure, foul odors coming from the drain, water coming into the bathtub, and lush growth of grass around a water pipe.

These are signs you should check for regularly because you don’t want your backup to cause water damage to your home.

With water damage comes to mold and interior issues in your home.

Mold can spread throughout your home and cause large amounts of respiratory issues.

Prolonged exposure to it can even lead to a stroke or the development of other health conditions.

It can start to spread and cause a large infestation and then you will have a much more troubling task on your hands.

Commercial Property Sewage Backup Prevention Conclusion

Never flush anything down the pipe that isn’t human waste. Follow this advice if you want to prevent sewage backup in Tempe.

This is a good way to stop it from happening and to ensure you won’t have to deal with any of the issues it brings.

Avoid flushing items like feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, flushable adult or baby wipes, and paper towels down the drain.

What these objects do is accelerate the formation of backups in your drain.

I know it is tempting to just flush some of that stuff down the drain, but if you don’t you will be saving your time and money. Most importantly protecting your pipes from damage.

We are more than happy to help you understand the issues or problems you are facing. We know this can be scary if you are new to it and have never experienced it.

That is why we are here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns sewage backup in Tempe, please reach out to our ASAP Restoration team.