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Water Damage Restoration services

Water damage is when you have experienced a flood, pipe burst, or disaster, when restoration services become essential.

ASAP Restoration initiates water damage repair with a phone call to extract water and dry the space swiftly.

Timely intervention is crucial to prevent mold growth, additional damages, fees, and potential health concerns.

Most water damage restoration jobs don’t necessitate evacuating homes. 

We recognize the frustration during such times for families and businesses, emphasizing quick and high-quality standards.

Our comprehensive services cover water extraction, drying, cleaning, demolition, and reconstruction.

The goal is to enhance the area beyond its pre-damage state.

For water damage to your home or business, contact our IICRC Certified Water Damage Restoration Company for peace of mind.

Water Damage Categories

ASAP Restoration holds IICRC certification, ensuring customers receive top-notch technicians.

Our water damage service prevents mold growth by removing excess water and humidity after floods.

This is crucial for maintaining a habitable home.

Certain water types pose unique challenges and health risks due to potential mold development. 

  • Clean Water – Originating from a non-harmful source.
  • Gray Water – Contains elevated contamination, potentially causing discomfort.
  • Black Water – Contains pathogenic agents, grossly unsanitary, including sewage. 

ASAP Restoration offers complete solutions for all water categories.

We utilitize advanced technology to detect moisture in key structural locations.

The team ensures the site is clean, decontaminated, and disinfected before restoration begins.

Our water damage service also prevents mold growth by eliminating excess water and humidity after floods or leaks.

Explore our Mold Removal and Mold Testing Services on our website for more information.

Exceptional water Removal Service

When facing water backups or damage, homeowners often turn to local plumbers.

After the plumber completes the job, they might refer restoration services.

It’s crucial to prioritize the best technicians rather than the plumber’s friend.

Referral fees, common in industries like plumbing and HVAC, may cloud the selection process.

Plumbers, property managers, and contractors receive fees for referrals. 

Beware of disreputable companies that prioritize referrals, potentially paying substantial fees to plumbers.

Before calling the number on the business card, focus on hiring top-notch technicians rather than the plumber’s acquaintance.

Water damage demands a qualified professional, and thorough research is essential amid the chaos of a home disaster.

Avoid contractors seeking to profit from insurance claims.

Always verify license information to prevent mold growth and substandard repairs.

Working with an unlicensed provider could adversely affect your claim.

Water Damage Restoration – How Long Does It Take?

Homeowners dread water damage restoration, a process crucial for minimizing structural damage and preventing mold infestation.

The two-phase restoration process starts with water removal.

It then commences with structural drying, and cleanup, taking three to five days based on exposure.

The final phase is to restore the property to its pre-water damage state.

This may last days to weeks, depending on the damage severity.

Although the restoration process varies, it generally includes these two distinct phases for each property.

Drying out the home after water loss

After removing standing water, our technicians initiate the drying process using powerful air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers.

To ensure thorough drying, additional measures may be necessary.

These may include drilling holes or removing drywall, taking out baseboards, or cleaning air ducts. 

This ensures comprehensive and effective drying.

Expect varied configurations, including aiming dryers at carpets and different sections of walls.

Restoration Specifics

In the restoration phase, we determine salvageable belongings and identify items requiring replacement due to severe damage.

The customer’s role is crucial; they provide vital information about the property’s pre-damage appearance. 

Our crew aims for a swift, professional, and high-quality completion of this phase.

They may also handle sewage cleanup, mold remediation, deodorization, and upholstery cleaning for a thorough job.

After thoroughly drying the room, we enter the second and longest phase of water intrusion restoration.

This process spans several days to weeks, and our technicians ensure you are fully aware of the duration and details.

Why Choose ASAP for Water Restoration

We genuinely care – treating your property like our own.

Our technicians hold IICRC certification, ensuring the highest industry standards for your home or office.

Our team is available 24/7/365, responding within 45 minutes to most emergency calls day or night.

Leading the industry for over 25 years, we’ve earned a stellar reputation for top-notch work and exceptional customer service.

Hiring our restoration technicians ensures expert care for your home or office during water removal services.

We don’t cut corners and keep you informed at every step.

As a preferred insurance provider, we collaborate with ALL insurance companies, offering trusted expertise.

We prioritize full customer satisfaction in our comprehensive services.

If your home is already dealing with a flooding event, contact our experts at ASAP Restoration today! 

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