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Storm Damage Restoration

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We’ve got you Covered.

With over 25 years of industry experience, there’s no storm damage restoration scenario we can’t handle! Whether storm damage happens in your home or business, our services are available 24/7/365 day and night for any emergency. We can even respond to most emergency calls within 45 minutes to assess the damage and begin to initiate the restoration process.

You can trust our team of storm damage restoration professionals to handle every element of the process, from water extraction out of your property to drying out the very air itself in your home or business after a catastrophe, we’ve got your back.

Why Choose ASAP Restoration For Your Storm Damage Restoration Needs

  • Safety First Always. Maintaining a secure and safe worksite is a top priority for our storm damage restoration specialists. Our team is fully equipped with the latest industry training, tools, and technology to bring your property back to normal quickly. 

  • Quality and Efficiency. Our team of storm damage restoration experts is here to tackle the challenges from any kind of water damage your property might have, but we pride ourselves on a fast response time when you are in your time of need. Our team won’t cut corners, and we will always keep you in the loop for your project. Our team is also fully dedicated to customer satisfaction which is why we only provide high-quality work. 

  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and Certified. Our team of storm damage restoration professionals have all the credentials needed to take on any form of disaster that your property might be facing. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and IICRC certified to do all forms of industry work, from asbestos removal after a flood, to sewage cleanup and everything in between. 

  • Insurance Preferred Provider. The storm damage restoration team with ASAP works with ALL insurance providers to streamline the process for any restoration or reconstruction project. We also offer financing options to take the burden out of an already difficult situation. We do all the claims communication for you as well, and this gives you back your time and peace of mind.

What Is Storm Damage Restoration?

When it comes to storm damage restoration work, many home and business owners think that this is the same thing as flood damage, but in truth there is a difference. Storm damage and flood damage are different not only because of the work involved, but also in how insurance carriers handle such claims. 

Here are some differences between the two: 

  • Storm damage is always the result of heavy rain, winds, and even debris flying into your home or business and wreaking havoc. 

  • Flood damage and water damage come from different sources than storm damage does, and because of this, insurance carriers consider them different causes of loss. 

  • Storm damage restoration work involves not only the extraction of water from the property, but also drying out the damaged area, and repairing the source of the destruction in the first place. 

  • Storm damage repairs often involve replacing windows, siding, or even an entire roof after a heavy storm has passed through the area and caused destruction to local homes and businesses. 

  • When your water damage is caused by a storm, it is also usually an emergency call, and this is why our technicians are equipped to respond immediately to these types of emergencies.


If your home or business has experienced damage from a recent storm, or if you suspect that there might be damage from a previous storm that has since started to grow mold, then don’t hesitate to contact our storm damage restoration team with ASAP Restoration, LLC today!


Why Trust Us

When the weather kicks into high gear with monsoon season, or one of the valley’s famously extreme storms rolls through and damages homes and businesses, locals contact our storm damage restoration team with ASAP Restoration because we are the best in the industry. 

Our experts are highly trained and IICRC certified to handle any kind of disaster your home or office might be experiencing. We are truly dedicated to making the lives of our customers easier during these stressful times because we know how difficult these situations can be. 

When we take on a project, we keep our clients informed every step of the way and satisfied with the quality and progress of our work until the final coat of paint dries. We are here for you 24/7/365 day or night for anything you need. 

So, if you’ve had a recent storm damage your property don’t hesitate to contact our storm damage restoration experts with ASAP Restoration, LLC for help today!