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Phoenix Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire and Smoke Damage restoration services

When you’ve seen your property go up in flames, dealing with the aftermath can be a painful reminder of what you’ve lost. Faced with smoke stains, the charred remnants of belongings, and even water damage from fire hoses, returning to normal may seem impossible. Rest assured: ASAP Restoration is here for you, whenever disaster strikes. As one of the leading fire damage restoration service providers in Phoenix, we’re proud to offer 24-hour emergency support. Our experienced technicians work to mitigate the loss in a timely manner and we strive to bring your home or business back to pre-loss conditions.

Health Hazards of Smoke Damage

If left untreated, smoke damage may expose you to health hazards including:
  1. Serious eye irritation and damage
  2. Throat and nose irritation
  3. Exposure to carbon monoxide, which is extremely hazardous if inhaled; a breathing mask is essential
  4. Respiratory issues
  5. Oxygen supply problems for the body
  6. Depressed immune system
  7. Increased risk of cancer, lung disease, and even cardiovascular disease.

Smoke damage is an unavoidable consequence of fire, but it can impact your property in unexpected ways. At ASAP Restoration, our specialists are capable of identifying a variety of different smoke damage types and will act quickly to resolve the problem.

Fire Damage Restoration Process: Explained

Fire damage extends far beyond the objects impacted by the blaze. In fact, hazardous smoke residue and soot may remain long after the fire has been extinguished. Our fire damage specialists have years of experience restoring homes and offices, and they understand how to navigate the complexities of a fire damaged property.
The first step of the restoration process is removing lingering debris. Our technicians are carefully trained and equipped to remove detritus in the safest manner possible.
Before construction can begin, we’ll address structural damage and health hazards, such as moisture buildup and mold growth. We may also perform thermal deodorization to mitigate smoke damage and improve air quality.
After we’ve cleaned and sanitized the workspace, we can begin to rebuild the damaged areas of your property. Our work isn’t done until you’re satisfied!

Some of The Most Common Types

Wet Smoke Residue If firefighter hoses were required to extinguish the fire, you’re likely to encounter wet smoke residue. This residue is easily absorbed in unfinished wood and fabrics, leaves a strong odor, and smears easily. These properties make cleanup fairly difficult. Dry Smoke Residue Dry smoke residue is typically produced by high-heat, fast-burning fires supplemented by lots of oxygen. Created by burnt wood and other dry items, dry smoke residue does not soak deeply into porous materials as wet smoke residue does. This leads to a straightforward cleaning and removal process. Rubber and Plastic Smoke Damage Plastics and rubber burn quickly and easily, even at lower temperatures. The heavy residues created by the burning process are quite toxic. They can travel long distances, damage metals, and other items, and endanger one’s health. Protein Fire Damage Commonly called oven fire damage, protein fires occur when a fire breaks out while meat or poultry is being cooked. Typically, protein smoke residue is contained to a small area, but it still needs to be cleaned and removed by a professional armed with technical knowledge and specialized detergents. Fuel Oil Soot If you have an oil furnace, you may encounter fuel oil soot. This is a jet-black, messy type of soot that could potentially cover an entire room if an oil heating system breaks down and causes a puff back.
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