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Fire Damage Restoration in tempe, AZ

For effective smoke damage cleanup in Phoenix, rely on our professional services to restore your property swiftly. Our expert team specializes in comprehensive smoke damage remediation, employing advanced techniques and cutting-edge equipment to eliminate traces of smoke and odor.

We understand the urgency in restoring your home or business from smoke damage cleanup Phoenix. Smoke damage cleanup Phoenix crews are always available after a fire, and our dedicated Phoenix-based cleanup services ensure a thorough and prompt response.

Trust us to handle the aftermath with precision, providing top-notch smoke damage cleanup tailored to the unique challenges of Phoenix environments. Restore your space to its pre-damaged condition with our reliable and efficient smoke damage cleanup services in Phoenix.

When you’ve seen your property go up in flames, dealing with the aftermath can be painful. Faced with smoke stains, and even water damage from fire hoses, returning to normal may seem impossible. Rest assured, ASAP Restoration is here for you, whenever disaster strikes.

As one of the leading fire damage restoration service providers in Tempe, we’re proud to offer 24-hour emergency support. Our experienced technicians work to mitigate the loss in a timely manner. We strive to bring your home or business back to pre-loss conditions.

Fires cause an estimated $23 billion in property damage, with variations between states depending on climate and wildfire occurrences. Regardless of the fire’s size, extinguish it as quickly as possible to reduce associated fire and smoke damage.

Assessment of fire damage in Tempe, AZ

Once the fire department has successfully put out the fire, an assessment can begin. Before commencing with the restoration process, you first need to determine how much fire and smoke damage there is.
These aren’t things that everyone can determine, especially if they are not a skilled professional. Hiring a smoke damage cleanup phoenix crew at ASAP Restoration will ensure that you get a complete and comprehensive assessment of the damage. Record and document everything to have evidence when you speak to your insurance provider.
Remove undamaged and untouched furniture to prevent smoke damage from embedding itself into the fibers. And if some smoke damage did embed, it’s important to air them out as soon as possible.

You should hire skilled professionals for Tempe fire damage restoration

When looking into hiring a professional fire damage restoration service, make sure that you do thorough research. Consult your home insurance provider for recommendations. Look for a reputable service. Check the reviews of the work they have done so far. Don’t sign a contract just because the situation is urgent.

Securing the foundation after fire damage

Preventing further damage is one of the most crucial tasks. This involved plugging up holes in the weakened structures like drywall, floor and root. Thoroughly inspect and repair/replace these structures if necessary.
Keep in mind that fire and water damage usually go hand-in-hand with smoke damage cleanup phoenix. The inspection has to be thorough because heavy rain can cause more damage.
Hiring the right damage restoration service can go a long way. Efficient professional services will ensure proper protection for your home from moisture using vapor barriers.

Cleaning and removal

Attempting to clean the smoke damage and soot that comes with fire damage is challenging. It’s nearly impossible, if you don’t have the right tools, skills and knowledge. Stains that usually occur during fire affect more than just the surface of your belongings. In order to thoroughly clean them, you will need to sand them, scrub them and put a finishing coat.
If water damage affected your home, pump out the excess water, and then dry the area using heaters. This is important to avoid mold infestation.
Our fire damage restoration crew will focus on the removal of odors caused by smoke and soot. Deodorization will involve deep cleaning of the carpets and upholstery. It may also mean simply replacing them with new ones if that’s an option.

Repairs and renovation

Preserve priceless belongings rather than simply replacing them. Restore and repair through a careful process. Fire-induced heat damage can create air pockets and bubbles on walls and ceilings, requiring scraping and repainting.
Finished wood undergoes stripping, sanding, and refinishing. But with unfinished wood, you can attempt to apply a layer of sealant. However there’s no guarantee that it will trap and mask the odor.
Sometimes the fire damage is so extensive that doing repairs would cost too much. In situations like that, it’s better to just simply go for renovation instead of restoration. If your particular situation is like this, see if the fire damage restoration company also offers renovation services. This might mean that you will be throwing away a large portion of your home. But you will be replacing it with one, that doesn’t remind you of this traumatic experience.

Health Hazards of Smoke Damage

If left untreated, smoke damage may expose you to health hazards including:

  • Serious eye irritation and damage
  • Throat and nose irritation
  • Exposure to carbon monoxide, which is extremely hazardous if inhaled; a breathing mask is essential
  • Respiratory issues
  • Oxygen supply problems for the body
  • Depressed immune system
  • Increased risk of cancer, lung disease, and even cardiovascular disease.

Smoke damage is an unavoidable consequence of fire, but it can impact your property in unexpected ways. At ASAP Restoration, our specialists are capable of identifying a variety of different smoke damage types. We will act quickly to resolve the problem no matter what type it is.

smoke damage cleanup phoenix Explained

Fire damage extends far beyond the objects impacted by the blaze. Our fire damage specialists have years of experience restoring homes and offices. We understand how to navigate the complexities of a fire damaged property. Our smoke damage cleanup phoenix crew has all the experience needed to solve your flare up issue. 


The first step of the restoration process is removing lingering debris.


Before construction can begin, we’ll address structural damage and health hazards, such as moisture buildup and mold growth. We may also perform thermal deodorization to mitigate smoke damage and improve air quality.


After we’ve cleaned and sanitized the workspace, we can begin to rebuild the damaged areas of your property.

Some of The Most Common Types

Wet Smoke Residue
If firefighters used hoses to extinguish the fire, you’ll likely encounter wet smoke residue. This residue easily absorbs into unfinished wood and fabrics, leaving a strong odor and smearing easily, which makes cleanup challenging.
Dry Smoke Residue
High-heat, fast-burning fires with ample oxygen produce dry smoke residue, formed by burning dry materials such as wood. Dry smoke residue does not soak deeply into porous materials as wet smoke residue does. This leads to a straightforward cleaning and removal process.
Rubber and Plastic Smoke Damage
Plastics and rubber burn quickly and easily, even at lower temperatures. The heavy residues created by the burning process are quite toxic. They can travel long distances, damage metals, and other items, and endanger one’s health.
Protein Fire Damage
Protein fires, commonly known as oven fire damage, occur during the cooking of meat or poultry.
Fuel Oil Soot
If you have an oil furnace, you may encounter fuel oil soot. This is a jet-black, messy type of soot that could potentially cover an entire room. This is true especially if an oil heating system breaks down and causes a puff back.

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