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Water Damage Restoration & Repair in Guadalupe

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Who Should I Call For Water Removal Services In Guadalupe, Arizona? 

Our technicians have over 25 years of experience doing water removal services in the area, and that is why you should trust our team with ASAP Restoration, LLC of Guadalupe, Arizona for help when you need it! 

Not only do our team members have years of training, but we can also usually arrive within 45 minutes of an emergency call. This lets our specialists get to work quickly so we can begin saving your property from disaster. 

Not only are we quick to respond, but we are also available 24/7/365, day or night, to solve any water removal problems you might be encountering. 

So, if you just spend a wonderful day watching the sea life at the Arizona Aquarium and you come home to find that a toilet leak has made your bathroom an aquarium in your home, contact our experts with ASAP Restoration, LLC of Guadalupe, Arizona for help now! 

How Do You Fix Water Damaged Walls In 85283?

The methods for fixing water damaged walls depends a little bit on the type of wall that has been affected, but the methods are usually very similar. 

Here are some things to keep in mind to fix water damaged walls:

  • Drywall must be removed at two-foot intervals beyond the water line. 
  • Wainscotting can sometimes be restored, but this is an added expense. 
  • Eliminating the source of the water prevents future issues like mold growth. 
  • Soaked wall materials are a breeding ground for mold spores. 
  • Professional grade air movers, heaters, scrubbers, and dehumidifiers are required. 

If your property is already affected by water damaged walls, then you may also have a mold growth problem that you just can’t see behind them. 

Our team has extensive mold and air quality testing capabilities, and if you suspect this is an issue, you should contact our team with ASAP Restoration, LLC of Guadalupe, Arizona for help today! 

Can You Just Paint Over Water Damage In Guadalupe, Arizona?

When it comes to water damaged walls and ceilings, we have seen attempts to simply paint over existing damage many times, and we don’t suggest doing this because it doesn’t solve the actual problem. 

Painting over water damage is not a solution for either the water damage effects, or the cause of the incident in the first place. 

One of the reasons that this doesn’t work is because water damage will show through many paint layers above it, and with recurring damage, it can’t even be painted over at all.  

Mold growth will also usually result from any sort of damaged wall materials, and this is why it needs to be removed and remediated, not just painted over and forgotten. 

So, if you just had a great day shopping at Arizona Mills or Mercado Mexico, or swimming at the Kiwanis Recreation Center to find your furniture swimming in your living room from a flood, then don’t wait to call our experts with ASAP Restoration, LLC of Guadalupe, Arizona now!