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Water Damage Restoration & Repair in Biltmore

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Who Do I Call For Water Damage In Biltmore, Arizona Area? 

While the Biltmore area is one of Phoenix’s more illustrious neighborhoods, it is also an enclave of older homes and estates that have outdated plumbing systems which can fail even in the most beautiful homes. 

If your business or home are unfortunate enough to be experiencing water damage from a broken pipe, a leaking faucet, or even storm damage, our teams of experts with ASAP Restoration, LLC of Biltmore, Arizona are here to solve it for you immediately! 

Our specialists are always on-call and ready for any disaster 24/7/365 day and night, so don’t hesitate to contact us for any type of emergency restoration project. We are IICRC certified as well so you can rest assured that your property is being taken care of by trained experts in the industry. 

How Do You Fix Water Damage?

Many people ask us “How do you fix water damage” and it always starts with finding and eliminating the source of water intrusion. But in reality, most scenarios require professional equipment and techniques. But if your water damage is only a small amount then follow these steps:

  • Eliminate any standing water in the area. 
  • Remove any items, rugs, or personal items from the area. 
  • Mop up, vacuum out, and dry the surfaces affected as quickly as possible. 
  • If baseboards and drywall have been inundated, they will need to be removed. 
  • Cut drywall at two-foot intervals above the water exposure baseline. 
  • Place air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers in the affected space. 
  • Circulating the air, while simultaneously drying it out helps reduce mold exposure chances. 
  • Finally, once everything is dry, you can begin to replace and repair affected materials. 

In all honesty, there are very few water damage jobs that most people are willing or capable of fixing all on their own, and that is why we suggest contacting our certified professionals with ASAP Restoration, LLC of Biltmore, Arizona to take care of everything for you. 

Does Insurance Cover My Biltmore Water Damage in 85016?

Many people wonder if their specific water damage incident is covered by their insurance provider, and this ultimately depends on a variety of factors. If the source of the water damage is a broken pipe or a leaking faucet, then your insurance provider will likely be responsible. But if your incident was caused by a storm or a flooding event, then it may depend on your particular insurance policy coverage. 

Fortunately, our service technicians work with ALL insurance companies to streamline the restoration process for your property. And once your restoration project is underway, we do all the communicating with the insurance agency so that you don’t need to. 

Additionally, if the water damage, sewage backup, or mold infestation incident isn’t covered by your policy, then we offer a number of different financing options for all our work no matter how big or small the job. 

If your home or business is already amid an emergency, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists with ASAP Restoration, LLC of Biltmore, Arizona for help today!