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If you’re in Scottsdale, Arizona, and need help restoring your home from fire damage, our team at ASAP Restoration can provide it! We’ve seen all sorts of situations, sometimes nothing remains but a shell with no memories. Other times there are still painful reminders that seep through the surface like stains on furniture or scorch marks below cabinets where flames crossed towards an edge before being pulled back by sprinklers early enough not to do even further damage; however, sometimes these remain only because they were so intense at first glance. Our restoration team has worked hard over time to help people pick up their lives again after experiencing devastating fires both inside AND outside homes. 

Evaluating the Fire Damage In My Scottsdale Home

Regardless of how small or the extent of a fire, our restoration team in Scottsdale, AZ can take on any difficult challenge. We can be on-site as soon as you have the fire department on site. After the fire has been cut out, we will walk through your property and reevaluate what damages have been done, and go over some areas that may be a risk. 

ASAP Restoration will take care to restore your home back into its original shape and model. We do not leave any detail untouched, ensuring that you can get on with living in a space free of worries or concerns about what happened before our arrival. We understand the importance of peace of mind when moving forward after an emergency situation like fire damage; which is why we offer comprehensive services including carpentry mitigation measures against future problems such as ceilings falling down or even molding.

Fire Damage Restoration Process in Scottsdale

Your home or business is our priority. We understand the stress you’re going through and want to help as soon as possible with a restoration team onsite ready for anything that needs doing- whether it’s debris removal, plumbing repairs if necessary, rebuilding structures scorched by fires so they look brand new again…or even restoring detailed textures/patters which might have been damaged in flames. ASAP Restoration always goes above & beyond when working at homeowners’ homes; ensuring every detail gets fixed. 

What Should I Look For On My Property After Fire Damage in Scottsdale?

A fire can burn so easily and quickly through certain areas that may have more issues arise. Mold infestation is one thing to keep in mind when a fire has caused water to also leak and especially after firefighters have used water to cut out the fire blaze. Our restoration team in Scottsdale will make sure we cover any air pockets and signs of mold so it doesn’t cause any further issues within your property but also the safety of your health. Before ever leaving your property, we will make sure you double-check all areas and do mold testing and check the air quality.

 Another thing you might notice is residue from the fire or firefighters’ hoses, there is likely wet smoke residue and dry smoke residue. 

You might smell something like plastic or metal burning, which could be from rubber and plastic smoke damage that can be toxic if not removed immediately. Protein fire damage can result from meat or other foods that were cooked on the stove and caught on fire. If you have an indoor fireplace in your living room, you could also notice fuel oil soot that can create a jet black mess. 

Repainting Your Scottsdale Home Back to Brand New

Following a fire blaze, you will notice smoke damage across walls, ceilings, flooring, and furniture will is typical to see. Repainting all interior and exterior of the property. Hardwood flooring can be restained or replaced in parts of the damage that were burnt to the extent. ASAP Restorations favorite part, restoring the property by cleaning up and sanitizing every area so your home or business is ready to get back on track. 

Wondering If You Should Do Restoration Or Renovations For Your Scottsdale Home?

There is a chance that the areas you need to restore in your Scottsdale home were burned down in whole or part. In this case, it might be best not only to do renovations instead of complete restoration because large parts will take longer than others and if your house was completely destroyed then there’s nothing left for construction crews except raw land which could potentially cause further damage before they even start working on fixing up homes again – who wants another disaster after just recovering from one?

The key thing here when thinking about whether renovating instead of rebuilding would make sense depends largely upon how extensively damaged each particular parcel is. 

If you have fire damage in your home in Scottsdale, AZ, give ASAP Restoration a call and see how we can help restore your property today!

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