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In Scottsdale, Arizona, if your home needs restoration from fire damage, ASAP Restoration is here to help! We’ve handled various situations, from total devastation to painful reminders like stains and scorch marks. Our team works diligently to assist people in rebuilding their lives after experiencing flare ups, both inside and outside homes.

Evaluating the Fire Damage In My Scottsdale Home

Our Scottsdale, AZ restoration team handles any challenge, big or small, on-site immediately after the fire department arrives. After extinguishing the blaze, we reassess damages, addressing potential risks.

ASAP Restoration restores your home to its original state, leaving no detail untouched. We prioritize your peace of mind. We offer comprehensive services, including carpentry mitigation to prevent future problems like ceilings falling or mold growth.

Fire Damage Restoration Process in Scottsdale

We prioritize your home or business, understanding the stress you’re experiencing. Our onsite restoration team is ready for tasks like debris removal, necessary plumbing repairs, and rebuilding scorched structures.

We restore detailed textures and patterns damaged in flames, ensuring they look brand new. ASAP Restoration goes above and beyond, fixing every detail at homeowners’ homes.

What Should I Look For On My Property After Fire Damage in Scottsdale?

A fire can quickly burn through certain areas, leading to potential issues. Keep in mind mold infestation after a blaze causes water leakage, especially when firefighters use water to extinguish the blaze. Our Scottsdale restoration team covers air pockets and mold signs, ensuring property safety and health. Before leaving, we conduct thorough checks, mold testing, and air quality assessments.

Residue from fires or hoses may include wet and dry smoke residue. Detect toxic smells like burning plastic or metal, often from rubber and plastic smoke damage. Protein fire damage can occur from cooking fires, creating a jet-black mess.

Repainting Your Scottsdale Home Back to Brand New

After a fire, observe typical smoke damage on walls, ceilings, flooring, and furniture. Repaint both interior and exterior. Re-stain or replace parts of burnt hardwood flooring. ASAP Restoration’s favorite part: cleaning and sanitizing every area to get your home or business ready to resume normal operations.

Wondering If You Should Do Restoration Or Renovations For Your Scottsdale Home?

Choose renovation over rebuilding for quicker completion, especially if large parts require more time. The decision depends on how extensively damaged each parcel is.

Choosing between renovation and complete restoration depends on the extent of damage in specific areas. Renovation may be optimal for quicker fixes, especially if large parts need more time.

If your Scottsdale home faced soot damage, prompt action is crucial. Contact ASAP Restoration to efficiently assess and restore your property, ensuring a swift recovery and minimizing potential complications.

For fire damage in Scottsdale, AZ, call ASAP Restoration to help restore your property today!

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