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Reconstruction after water damage

reconstruction after water damage

If your home or commercial space was affected by water damage or fire damage, the mess that is left behind is not an everyday cleaning task. Quite often, the damage done can seriously impact your property’s structural integrity and not all signs of damage are visible at once. In order to do a proper clean-up and after that, reconstruction after water damage, it’s important to work with a professional service that would evaluate the entire situation and recommend which areas are suitable for reconstructions (and need it) and which are not.

Before reconstruction after water damage, look for the biggest problems

The most challenging damages that can occur in your home are caused by water. The water and moisture will come into direct contact with the walls, floors, carpentry, it will affect the drywall and wood.

Small amounts of water in a small area can easily be repaired. But if the damage spreads across a larger surface reconstruction after water damage is very likely. Naturally, different material and parts of your home get affected by water in a different way:

  • Electrical installation and wiring can short out, leading to shocks and potentially causing a fire
  • The paint on your walls will bubble up and start peeling
  • Hardwood floor or other wooden surfaces will swell and start rotting
  • Carpets will be saturated with water and represent an ideal place for mold growth

Every time that there’s water damage, mold growth will soon follow. This is yet another problem that you need to think about, because mold and mildew can also compromise the structural integrity of your home or commercial space.

The best way to respond is quickly

No matter if the water damage is visible or not, sings of water damage cause concerns with everyone. Swollen wood inside the walls or pull away cupboard might be hiding mold or other signs of water damage. Untreated, the damage can spread to other parts of your home making reconstruction after water damage an even bigger task than it should have been in the first place.

Reconstruction after water damage should be scheduled each time there’s a major flooding in your home or commercial space. The structural damage and unseen damage are just too big of a risk to be simply ignored.

Leaving your home or commercial space

In order to do an effective restoration after water damage, you will need to evacuate your home or commercial space. This shouldn’t be ignored and you should leave as soon as possible. The evacuation happens relatively quickly and with a little bit of organization, once the immediate damage is taken care of, and you get the go-ahead, you and your family can vacate your home until restoration is complete.

Don’t attempt any DIY approaches – Call the professionals

Immediately after the source of the water damage is found and taken care of, your first step should be to call a service specialized in restoration after water damage. This is an important step you need to take and we highly recommend that you don’t put it off. The longer the water damage persists, the more damage it will do to your property. Keep in mind that it takes only 24hours for mold to start growing on wet surfaces.

We also recommend that you stay away from any DIY methods for restoration after water damage. The majority of people don’t have the right knowledge, skills, experience and tools for this and can eventually cause more harm than good. Trust this to the professionals. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t do anything. One of the important things you can do is to dry out the building. You can open your windows, turn on the air conditioning, heaters and fans etc. Get the soaked and wet things out of the house, but make sure that you don’t spread moisture to other, unaffected parts of the house.

Of your home or commercial space was affected by water damage, big or small, contacting a professional service to evaluate the area and determine whether restoration after water damage is required or not, is one of the crucial steps you need to take in order to comfortably enjoy your home or commercial space, once again. Contact ASAP Restoration and let us help you.

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