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Reconstruction after fire damage – Part 1

reconstruction after fire damage

Reconstruction after fire damage can be a difficult and long process. Most homeowners are getting really stressed when they have to balance between the destruction caused by fire, negotiating with the insurance company and organizing the rebuilding and reconstruction.

Luckily, not all of these things have to be done by you. There are services you can contact, that can help you with the majority of the work e.g. reconstruction after fire damage. Today we will focus on the different steps of fire damage and share a few helpful tips if you’re planning restoration after such catastrophe.

How to rebuild your home after fire damage?

Not every house or commercial space fire is the same. Depending on the extent of the fire, the damage can be minor and quite devastating. In most cases, restoration after fire damage is necessary in order to make your home look like before. There are a lot of things that happen due to fire damage e.g. charred roof, damaged interior (walls, furniture, carpeting, wooden floor etc.), soaked furniture and deciding where to start from is hard.

As we mentioned, the restoration process can take some time and it can be difficult. But things can be a bit easier if you know what you need to do and what can you expect.

Restoration after fire damage – calling your insurance company

Right after your home has been hit by fire damage, the first thing you need to do is to contact your insurance provider. Depending on the extent of the damage, you might be able to work with your existing insurance policy to cover the restoration costs. But, in the event that the damage was more serious, and it might include water damage too, then you will need to consider other, additional insurance policies.

Determining the extent of the damage

When you have taken care of your insurance policy, before you could start restoration after fire damage, you first need to determine the extent of the structural damage. Some fires can be so devastating that they can destroy an entire home and leave nothing behind but an empty lot.

When this happens, it’s always better to call a professional service before you try doing anything yourself. When you call ASAP Restoration, our experienced restoration technicians, will come out and assess the extent of the damage. After reviewing everything, you will receive our assessment of what is required in order to fully restore your home so you can live there again.

Securing the property

Once you’ve decided on restoration after fire damage, before we commence with the work, we need to make sure that the site is safe, not just for you but also for the professional crew that will perform the restoration.

This means that all open areas should be boarded, there should be a proper security fence and caution tape. This will not only protect anyone on the site but it will also keep vandal and thieves outside of your home.

Restoration after fire damage includes removal of damaged items

After the fire is put out and the home is safe, the first thing that needs to be done, before restoration can begin, is to remove all the items that were damaged by the fire. This applies to everything e.g., furniture, appliances, carpets etc.

Salvaging some of these items might be possible if the damage wasn’t too severe. However, even if saving them is possible, we highly recommend that you don’t attempt this on your own. There are plenty of professionals who have the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and tools that can take care of this for you. It’s best to trust this part to the professionals.

In our next part, we will be further discussing the next steps of restoration after fire damage and see what else needs to be done before you can move back into your home.

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