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Reconstruction after fire damage – Part 1

reconstruction after fire damage

Reconstruction after fire damage proves challenging and time-consuming for many homeowners.

The stress arises from balancing the aftermath of fire destruction, negotiations with the insurance company, and organizing the rebuilding process.

Services are available to assist with various aspects, including reconstruction after fire damage.

How to rebuild your home after a fire

Not every house or commercial space fire is the same.

Depending on the extent of the fire, the damage can be minor and quite devastating.

In most cases, restoration after fire damage is necessary in order to make your home look like before.

Examples include a charred roof, damaged interior soaked furniture and deciding where to start from is hard.

As we mentioned, the restoration process can take some time and it can be difficult.

But things can be a bit easier if you know what you need to do and what can you expect.

Calling your insurance company after fire damage

Immediately after your home experiences fire losses, your first step is to contact your insurance provider.

Depending on the damage extent, your existing insurance policy might cover restoration costs.

For more severe damage, possibly involving water damage, you’ll need to explore additional insurance policies.

Determining the extent of the damage

After addressing your insurance policy, determining the extent of structural damage is crucial before initiating restoration.

Some fires can be devastating, leaving behind nothing but an empty lot, or mold growth.

In such cases, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance rather than attempting DIY measures.

When contacting ASAP Restoration, our experienced technicians will assess the damage thoroughly.

Securing the property

Upon deciding on fire damage restoration, ensuring the safety of the site is imperative before commencing the work.

These measures safeguard both occupants and the professional crew performing the restoration, preventing unauthorized access and potential security threats.

Restoration after fire damage

After extinguishing the fire, the first step is to remove all items damaged by the fire.

This includes furniture, appliances, and carpets.

Professionals possess the skills, knowledge, experience, and tools for effective handling. Trusting this task to experts is the optimal choice.

If your home or office is already dealing with the aftermath of a fire, contact ASAP Restoration for help today!