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Professionaly Assessing Fire Damage

Smoke Damaged Kitchen

Things to Know About Professional Fire Damage Assessment

Seeking a professional assessment of fire damage promptly is crucial, even amid overwhelming and traumatic experiences.

It is important to get a professional fire damage assessment before initiating any repair work.

Fires can cause internal damage to property, including damage to plumbing and wiring, and such damages can only be properly identified through a professional assessment.

A professional assessment would typically look into things like internal fire damage in rooms, walls, and vents. 

External fire damage would be present in the roof, siding, or trims. 

Hidden damages might include issues with the plumbing, wiring, or heating system.  

It is important to look for hidden damages during the assessment.

Fires can easily damage the electrical wiring in a house, which, if undetected, can result in fatal accidents. 

After the structural assessment comes the personal belongings assessment.

Here, the assessor would typically look for damage to things like, electronic appliances, tv’s furniture, upholstery, and personal belongings. 

Now, let’s explore why we need a comprehensive assessment of the situation.

Insurance For Fire Damage

Strong initial assessment can make a very good case for subsequent insurance claims from soot damage. 

Most insurance companies require a professional assessment. The damage payout usually depends on the information obtained from the assessment.

As mentioned previously, undetected internal damages can be the death knell for a property.

Undetected plumbing leaks can cause mold or bacteria in the walls.

Damaged wiring can result in electrocution or appliance damage. Gas leaks can be catastrophic and can lead to loss of life.

A proper fire damage assessment would check for all such damages before they could turn fatal or lead to heavy losses

Proper assessment can identify parts of the property that might look unaffected but have structural damage, or even mold infestations

Demolishing walls, even if not entirely damaged, is crucial to safeguard the property’s structural integrity and prevent post-fire damage.

Restoration Conclusions

To plan the cleanup and restoration process, it’s important to know how bad it was.

Insurance payouts often tie into restorations, requiring a proper assessment for successful claims.

Understanding damages aids in prioritizing restoration efforts and preventing unnecessary expenses.

Fire accidents at home can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience for a person.

But after an accident like this, it’s important to do a thorough and professional assessment of the situation.

Our professional crew will give you a complete and comprehensive assessment of the damages.

Thoroughly document and record the process for any insurance claims.

If your home of office has already been through a fire incident, contact our experts with ASAP Restoration for help today!