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Potential Damages from Smoke

Flames are not the only enemy that should be put out during fire disasters. Long after the final flames have been extinguished, smoke clouds can and will remain if it goes untreated. These will then leave behind chemicals and particles that can destroy both your health and property.

Smoke from a fire produces endless amount of soot and sends caustic residue drifting into the air. As the environment cools down, these harmful substances settle down and stick to surfaces that would create a burnt odor that does not clear up even after a series of cleaning has been done.

The caustic residue can also cause severe damage to fabrics, wood, and metal when combined with moisture because it produces destructive acids.

Smoke Damage and Odor Contamination

If you do not deal with smoke damage contamination as appropriately and as immediately as possible, the presence of smoke particles and residue will cause harm not only to your property but to your health, as well.

Weakened and discolored woodwork – while the destruction may not be noticeable, the smoke’s caustic residue will eventually eat away at wooden walls, ceilings and floors. Wood in your property will flake, scratch, and crack very easily, once the chemicals from the caustic smoke weaken them at micro levels.

Corroded metals –The smoke’s caustic residue creates weak acids when combined with moisture. These particular acids then corrode whatever metal parts they land into including your pieces of furniture and even your home.

Water contamination – Smoke can contaminate water with caustic substances. These harmful particles make the water more acidic. Drinking this contaminated water can upset your tummy, while using it to bathe can irritate your skin. Smoke contaminated water is like acid rain.

Electronic failure – Once smoke fills the small crevices and vents in your gadgets, and heat exhaust in your appliances, the acid from the caustic particles will destroy their sensitive circuit boards rendering them useless.

Damaged paint job and artwork – Similar to wood and metal, paint may be damaged by the acid produced from caustic smoke residue. It discolors even the paint on a canvas diminishing its value.

Respiratory disorders – Smoke generate tons of soot and caustic chemical particles which can greatly aggravate pre-existing respiratory conditions like allergies and asthma. While the smoke odor removal in in progress, make sure to wear a face mask for precaution.

Skin irritation – Even if you are not allergic to soot and chemical particles, a smoke-related skin irritation is still a possibility if it makes contact with your skin. Symptoms of this skin irritation may include swelling, itching, and redness on the affected area.

Don’t let smoke damage contamination add up to the post-fire situation. If a fire has ravaged your home, make certain to call a trusted and proven fire restoration company like ASAP Restoration. We respond to the restoration site in less than 45 minutes to assess, evaluate and formulate an action plan with you. No matter how big the damage is, our restoration experts are highly equipped, experienced, and knowledgeable to get the job done.

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