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Plumber Referral Fee

When you need Flood Damage or Water Damage Restoration or Fire Damage Restoration you want to hire the best, not your service contractor’s best friend!

Referrals for water damage restoration, mold damage and fire restoration are most often generated from plumbers or contractors who have been called in when you have water back up, damage or seepage in your home. Your plumber, HVAC Technician, Property Manager, Contractor or Roofer may refer your water damage to a water restoration specialist because in exchange they receive a finder’s fee for your referral. Getting referred the best water damage restoration company depends on your contractor, and whether he is motivated by the referral fee.

At ASAP we know floods and water damage are bound to happen, especially during monsoon season! You will need to hire a professional water damage restoration company to come in and clean up after storm damage. ASAP wants to be your water damage restoration specialist. We know that by offering you the very best water restoration services, you can rely on ASAP to repair your water damage immediately and bring you home or business back to pre-loss conditions. When your plumber, HVAC Technician, Property Manager, Contractor or Roofer makes a recommendation, please stop, investigate the firm and read their reviews. Make sure you are getting referred to a reputable water and flood restoration specialist.

What does a referral fee cost you?

If you look back to when insurance deductibles were only $100 and there were no formal referral programs in place, your plumbers, HVAC Technicians, Property Managers, Contractors or Roofers always refer you to the best service provider to repair your water damage and restore your home. If referrals fees are high enough, your plumber, HVAC Technicians, Property Manager, Contractor or Roofer may refer you to a company that is not licensed, bonded, insured or certified properly based on the fee he/she is receiving for the referral. Since this is probably the restoration company’s main source of their business, they will pay high fees for those referrals. At the high end, a water restoration company could be paying you plumber over $1,000 for your referral business. Make sure you are getting the best solution for your water damage problems and beware of contractors that want to profit from your insurance loss, which could always have an adverse impact on your claim. The end result could be substandard repairs and new mold problems.

Why Referral Fees are so Popular

The increase in referral fees can be problematic, that fee is added to your restoration project so you end up paying more for the your mitigation activities and/or repairs. Since plumbers, HVAC Technicians, Property Managers, Contractors or Roofers are referring you to water damage restoration companies based on the fee that they will receive, not based on the quality of the work, you can end up with a substandard repair and a future need for additional water damage or mold damage restoration. You may not necessarily want to trust your plumber, HVAC Technician, Property Manager, Contractor or Roofer for a reference to a water damage restoration company. Your plumbers, HVAC Technician, Property Manager, Contractor or Roofer recommendation may be focused on their referral fee and not the quality of the service provider they are recommending.

At ASAP we only do Restoration Right

You should not have to pay referral fees bundled into your restoration costs. When you have a loss due to flood, monsoon or water back up you just want your property restored. When you ask your plumber, HVAC Technician, Property Manager, Contractor or Roofer for a referral, check out the company that he/she is recommending. You want to hire a restoration company because you trust them to do quality work, and not have any vested interest in trying to profit for your loss.

Ethics come first at ASAP Restoration. We will never leave extra equipment on site, or extend the project duration to charge you additional daily rates to increase your claim or cost. At ASAP we work with a diverse handful of contractors who want to refer homeowners to the company who is truly the best for the job, not based on fees paid.

Remember to read reviews, request customers you can contact to get real feedback from, and do your homework when you have damage to your property. It may be hard to take the time to do the research when you are overwhelmed with a disaster at your home, but your time is well invested making sure that you have a reputable restoration company that understands the intricacies of water, fire and mold damage. Choose the water damage restoration company that offers you the best service with a reputation for honesty and integrity. We hope you will choose ASAP for your water, fire or mold restoration needs.