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Damage Restoration in Peoria, AZ

Dealing with fire, water, or mold damage is a dreaded scenario for homeowners and commercial space owners.

DIY solutions may offer temporary relief, but effective resolution demands professional services.

Professional damage restoration, like ASAP Restoration, alleviates stress by providing the necessary tools, skills, training, and experience.

We swiftly identify and fix the problem, offering a 24/7 emergency service for your convenience.

damage restoration services in peoria


A seemingly small fire in your home or commercial space can result in significant damage once extinguished.

The aftermath is astonishing, transforming your property within minutes and leaving substantial destruction.

Upon extinguishing the fire, dealing with smoke and fire damage becomes crucial for both property and health.

We do so by prioritizing efforts to return your property to its previous state.

We are experts at ensuring safety for you and your family.


Water damage can result from various causes like heavy rain, flooding, burst pipes, or sewage backups.

It often accompanies fire damage, posing risks to structural integrity and creating unsafe, health-hazardous environments.

Identifying the water damage source is crucial in restoration.

While challenging, a skilled professional can swiftly locate and eliminate it.

In water restoration, time is critical, as mold can start growing within 24-48 hours, necessitating prompt action.


Within the initial 24-48 hours post-water intrusion, mold rapidly proliferates.

It can then spread to various house parts and ventilation systems under ideal conditions.

Quick action is pivotal for successful mold remediation.

All mold types pose health risks, leading to allergies, runny nose, shortness of breath, and more. Learn about the types of mold by calling us. 

ASAP Restoration conducts mold testing to identify the type, tailoring a precise remediation approach.

Why is Water Damage Restoration in Peoria, AZ so Important?

Water damage, whether from rain, flooding, burst pipes, or sewage backup, stresses homeowners. It not only jeopardizes structural integrity but also damages belongings, creating ideal conditions for harmful mold growth.

Commencing water damage restoration promptly minimizes damage and health risks. 

While removing excess water is possible, professional services make a huge difference. In Peoria, AZ, ASAP Restoration, equipped with tools and experience, ensures a quick and effective resolution.

Why is time important in water damage restoration?

Recently flooded or water damaged areas are an ideal environment for mold growth. This can cause all sorts of health problems. That’s not the only concern when it comes to water damage.

One of the biggest problems with water intrusions is the type of water that has flooded your home. We divide them in three different categories:

  • Category 1 – Considered clean water and not contaminated. 
  • Category 2 – Commonly known as gray water. Has some contamination and poses a slight health risk.
  • Category 3 – Black or dark water. This is the most contaminated water and it usually originates from backed up sewage. 

Water damage poses a significant threat to properties. Leaks, floods, or burst pipes demand immediate attention. Extracting water promptly is crucial to prevent mold growth and structural damage. Our skilled technicians provide swift water damage solutions, ensuring a thorough recovery for your home.

Peoria water restoration

When water damage affects your property, you should identify the source of the problem.

If the cause is a burst pipe, make sure you turn off the water immediately.

Once our technical team arrives, we will conduct an immediate assessment.

This will determine the source of the problem and the extent of the damage.

We’ll discuss with you the further steps in the restoration process which will involve:

  • Protecting your belongings
  • Eliminating the excess water
  • Drying out the affected area using dehumidifiers, fans and heaters
  • Clean-up and mold growth prevention
  • Restoration of damaged belongings 
  • Repairs of structural damage caused by liquids

If you can’t locate the source then you should contact a restoration service right away.

This is important to prevent further loss and destruction.

It will also to prevent the water from reaching your electrical appliances. 

If you can’t locate the source then you should contact a restoration service right away.

ASAP Restoration has a 24/7/365 emergency line so you can call us anytime. 

If your home is already dealing with flood water, contact our experts with ASAP Restoration for help today!

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