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Peoria, AZ Mold REmoval - Long-Term Effects of Mold to your Health

Even though we can thank mold for giving us things like blue cheese or Penicillin, long-term exposure to it can cause serious side effects to your health such as allergies or infection.

In order for mold to grow successfully, it needs a damp and warm environment. It takes mold only 24 hours after water damage to start growing. Have you ever noticed the orange film around your kitchen drain? Well, that’s mold. So is the white fuzzy stuff in your basement or those black stains on the grout in your bathroom.

Not everyone reacts the same way to mold. Some people can be more sensitive than others. Regardless how sensitive you are, mold can still irritate your eyes, nose, lungs, skin and cause all kinds of long-term side effects.

Mold can cause from mild to severe side effects

When you’re sensitive to mold, it can easily irritate your eyes, nose, throat and cause congestion, runny nose, coughing and so on. Those are all common symptoms of mold allergy that you can experience when you’re exposed to mold for a longer period of time. And if you already have some type of chronic lung disease or a weaker immune system, mold exposure can also cause infections.

Mold infestation can be linked to upper respiratory tract problems in both adults and children who are completely healthy. Those with asthma can experience excessive asthma attacks and those that are sensitive to damp indoors can develop asthma symptoms.

People that have a weaker or compromised immune system, if exposed to mold spores, can develop hypersensitivity pneumonitis. And if you have mold allergies, you can experience flu-like symptoms such as headache, exhaustion, coughing, fever and difficulty breathing.

Toxic effects of black mold

Not every mold is the same. Some might cause mild health problems, while others can cause more severe. There are certain types of mold that are proven to be highly toxic. But just because you don’t have a mold infestation of that kind of mold, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore it.

The most popular toxic mold is known as black mold. It can easily grow with other types of mold and in high concentration, it can cause toxicity even in healthy individuals.

Poisoning caused by mold (or mycotoxicosis) affects the upper respiratory system and can manifest as cold-like symptoms. However, there are symptoms of mold poisoning that can be fatal, especially to those that have allergies, asthma or other breathing conditions.

All mold infestation should be treated the same and seriously because of its long-term effect on your health and health of your family. So if you notice discoloration in some parts of your house (black, orange, white, black-green) which is often followed by a musty smell, make sure to contact a professional Mold Remediation service in Peoria, so they could test it and determine what kind of mold it is and recommend the best solution to eliminate it.

How to prevent mold infestation?

Since mold thrives in a damp environment, we highly recommend having a dehumidifier in parts of the home where there’s a high concentration of moisture e.g., bathroom, especially during warm summer months. Proper ventilation and airing out your home regularly should decrease the chance of mold growth. And you can also use mold killing products. 

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