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Mold Testing in Paradise Valley, AZ

When a flood or fire damages your home in Paradise Valley, AZ, you may not think about the mold that can thrive in standing water and burned wood. It’s possible for this toxic fungus to spread throughout a building as well–and if it does then don’t hesitate to call ASAP Restoration in Paradise Valley, AZ! We’ll be on-site quickly with our trained professionals who will do an inspection of all areas affected by moisture – including ceilings, walls & floors–as well taking samples from each spot so they’re tested at labs across town (to give them more information). This way we know exactly what type(s)of fungal growth is present; how much damage has been done. 

While our team is always geared up in a protective suit to ensure that we’re safe from any hazards, three different types of mold can cause symptoms. Aspergillus typically lies within food items such as bread and other baked goods; you may notice green or blue spots on your dining table cloths if it has been contaminated with this type for several hours after preparation time has passed. Cladosporium causes allergic reactions which irritate the skin – but its most concerning effect on humans happens when they come into contact with their lungs which leads to respiratory illnesses including asthma attacks. 

Mold growth in Paradise Valley is powered by high humidity, water leaks, and flooding. The only way this problem can be solved properly involves a lot of work from our team to get rid of all the moisture that’s present so mold doesn’t take over again after we’re done with repairs. Mold thrives in areas where there are lots of pockets containing sprays like air conditioning units which provide an endless source for its expansion throughout your home–especially if they’ve been leaking due to corrosion damage caused by natural disasters such as fires. 

The ASAP Restoration team in Paradise Valley specializes in restoring properties from mold growth. They will remove any parts of your property that need to be reconstructed and repaint walls, and ceilings- even if it’s just one wall! Before they leave the scene though; make sure there are no chances for more molds or fungus by making our environment clean again too after every job we do.

If you notice symptoms from mold infestation inside of your property, give ASAP Restoration team in Paradise Valley, AZ a call today!

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