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Monsoon Water Damage Restoration In Phoenix

How many times have you walked into a home or business and the first thing you notice is that it smells musty? This could be an indication of water damage. Water damage in Phoenix Arizona homes and businesses can happen for many reasons, but one of the most common is because of monsoons. Monsoons are large quantities of rain mixed with the wind that moves across areas throughout the Phoenix area, often dumping inches worth on unsuspecting homeowners.

If your home suffers from this type of storm, there is a good chance that your property will experience some level of water damage before all is said and done. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at what actually causes water damage in your home or business.

Often times it is due to an overflow from sinks and/or bathtubs which result in leaks onto the flooring below. Sometimes it’s because the foundation has seeped upwards through cracks in concrete underneath walls and doors leading to structural issues such as rot on wood surfaces above ground level. It could even be caused by something as simple as sprinklers going off without proper supervision! The list goes on but these are just a few examples outside of monsoon weather, that are the most common occurrences for causing water leakage inside homes and businesses.


common areas of the home damaged by monsoon water

The most common areas in a home to experience water damage from the high rain and strong winds during monsoon season in Phoenix are:

Floors – Water-damaged floors can be very difficult to repair, and can lead to mold growth. Wood floors are expensive, while not as common in Phoenix as in other areas. When wood floors have stale or sitting water on them, they can be irreparable. Tile and linoleum floors are not as expensive, but it is difficult to know when the water has been removed if there was standing water present for a prolonged period of time. A large number of residents throughout the Phoenix valley have carpeted game rooms, garages, and guest rooms. Water-damaged carpet can be very expensive, and not always possible to repair or dry out causing a high potential to develop mold and begin to smell over time.

Flooded Garages & Basements– Floods or flooding from broken pipes in the home often affect basements, where water collects and stagnates causing floors to warp, bulge, and grow mold. Garages are quickly one of the most common areas to be hit with flooding and water damage.

Roofs – The roof is usually the first place home will leak during monsoon season because of how heavy the rain falls from the sky. Older roofs with broken tiles or shingles are typically a big culprit of water damage, allowing the rainwater to seep into the home. It is important to get your roof inspected every year before the monsoon season starts so that you know if any repairs are needed. The high winds during our Phoenix monsoon season can cause tree branches to fly putting your shingles, tile, underlayment, and roofing at risk for extreme damage. If you have experienced water damage in your Phoenix area home or business’s roof it may need to be repaired before any other areas can effectively be fixed without the potential for additional damage.

Drywall – While drywall is pretty sturdy, it’s also known as plasterboard or wallboard. Drywall consists of a layer of paper-based material that is usually covered in thick plaster. This can be destroyed by water if it’s not treated quickly and properly. The strong winds during the monsoon season can whip rain into the home from a variety of entry points. Homes that do not have proper or old waterproofing can be a cause of the rainwater getting inside. Areas around windows, plumbing, and piping that leads into the home, air conditioning units, areas around exterior doors and sliders, the footings on walls and joints. These areas tend to become compromised by the high heat and sun, wind, and rain. During monsoons, the water will inevitably seep or leak through causing water damage.

Regardless of the type of water damage or area affected, there are some things you can do to help mitigate against a repeat occurrence.


Preventing water damage from phoenix monsoons

There are a variety of steps that Phoenix homeowners can take in order to address potential water damage risks during monsoon season. Knowing some of these potential water damage problem areas during monsoon season in Phoenix, homeowners should always be aware of the appearance and integrity of the exterior of their property. If a home is in bad condition or has old exterior waterproofing, then the homeowner can prevent water damage by being proactive in addressing these problems.

Some things you can do during storms to prevent water damage are to make sure storm windows are closed and secured with weather stripping, clean roof gutters to prevent clogs that could cause water damage when rainwater accumulates. Trim or remove any dead trees or overgrown branches that could be blown into your home or roof during high rain and wind storms. Inspect the exterior entry points around your home such as some of the steps in this video here.

What Causes Water Damage In A Home

First off, you should know there’s no such thing as 100% waterproofing when it comes to protecting your home from rain and monsoons. This is because from time to time, the roof can leak or windows will allow rain in. Even if your home does not have any of these problems it could still experience water damage because there’s always a chance that someone else’s home has them and their runoff enters yours as well.

monsoon water damage repairs

Water damage is repaired by a water damage restoration company. What do you need to know about a good water damage reconstruction company? Things that can cause water damage in the home and how to prevent it from happening!

Water Damage in Arizona homes and businesses is something that needs to be prevented, repaired, or addressed as soon as possible because it will affect the quality of your home or business for years and lead to more costly repairs.

The most important thing you need to know about finding a good water restoration company is how they are experienced at dealing with all types of problems that might arise during water damage repairs from monsoon weather.

Water Damage Repair: A lot of people don’t realize there is such a thing as this type of repair, but there are many common types of damages like fire or hurricane-related disasters that require these professionals’ help with repairs and rebuilding. If your house has experienced any one of those problems, then you might be wondering what should happen next. The first step would be calling an emergency service provider who specializes in providing solutions for these types of situations. They’re qualified to assess your needs quickly so they’ll know what’s necessary when they get on site.


Hiring a water damage restoration company in Phoenix

Monsoon season is coming up, and as Phoenix typically experiences high rain levels during monsoons, there’s always an increased risk of homes experiencing some kind of water-related issue.

How can you find a good company for water damage restoration services? Give us a call or find a local restoration services company near you by searching for water damage restoration on Google.

If your home has experienced water damage what do you do? What are the first steps to take in order to address it? The first thing you should do is to see if you can prevent or temporarily block or stop the water from entering the home, of course without putting yourself at any risk. The second step is to immediately call an emergency water damage restoration company like ASAP Restoration, LLC.

When hiring a water damage restoration contractor you should make sure that the company you’re hiring is reputable, has a good track record of successful restoration projects, and offers quality guarantees. During monsoon season, in order to prevent additional damage and to stop the leak and start repairs. it’s also extremely important that the restoration company has the crew, availability, and willingness to offer 24/7 emergency services and response to repairs.

Monsoons are coming up soon so now’s the time when homeowners start thinking about these things! When you call ASAP Restoration, day or night, rain or shine we’ll be here to help you. From here we’ll discuss prevention as well as what do you need to know about repairing water-damaged walls, doors, floors, and roofs.