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Monsoon Water Damage Restoration In Phoenix

Monsoon situations often dump inches of rain across the Phoenix area, affecting unsuspecting homeowners and businesses.

Ever walked into a musty-smelling home or business?

That could be a sign of water damage, common in Phoenix, Arizona, especially during monsoons.

During these storms, your property may likely face water damage.

But first, let’s explore what causes water damage in homes or businesses.

Overflow from sinks or bathtubs often results in leaks onto the floor.

Foundation seepage through cracks in concrete beneath walls and doors can lead to structural issues like wood rot.

Simple things like unsupervised sprinklers can cause water damage too.

These examples, outside of monsoons, are common culprits for water leakage in homes and businesses.

common areas of the home damaged by monsoon water

Phoenix homeowners can take steps to address water damage risks during monsoon season.

Be aware of potential problem areas on the property’s exterior.

Common areas in a home prone to water damage during Phoenix’s monsoon season:

  • Floors: Water-damaged floors, especially wood ones, are challenging and costly to repair.
  • Flooded Garages & Basements: Basements collect stagnant water, warping floors, causing bulges, and promoting mold growth.
  • Roofs: Old roofs with broken tiles or shingles are prone to leaks during monsoon rains.

Proactive measures, regular inspections, and swift repairs are crucial to prevent most damages.

These techniques will also address water damage in these vulnerable areas during Phoenix’s monsoon season.

Regardless of the type of water damage or area affected, we can handle it.

We can also help you to prevent the effects of mold infestations too.

But there are some things you can do to help mitigate against a repeat occurrence.

Preventing water damage from phoenix monsoons

If a home has old or damaged exterior waterproofing, homeowners should be proactive in preventing water damage.

During storms, close and secure storm windows with weather stripping.

Clean roof gutters to prevent water and mold damage from rainwater accumulation.

Trim or remove dead trees and overgrown branches that could damage your home during high rain and wind storms.

Inspect the exterior entry points around your home such as some of the steps in this video here.

No home is 100% waterproof against rain and monsoons. Roofs can leak, and windows may allow rain in.

Even if your home seems fine, water damage can happen if runoff from someone else’s home enters yours.

monsoon water damage repairs

A water damage restoration company repairs water damage.

What should you know about a good water damage reconstruction company?

Learn about things that can cause water damage in the home and how to prevent them!

Prevent or address water damage in Arizona homes and businesses promptly.

Delaying can impact your property’s quality for years, leading to more costly repairs.

Don’t overlook water damage repair—it’s crucial for common damages caused by disasters like fire or hurricanes.

If your house has experienced any one of those problems, then you might be wondering what should happen next.

The first step would be calling an emergency service provider who specializes in providing solutions for these types of situations.

They’re qualified to assess your needs quickly so they’ll know what’s necessary when they get on site.

Hiring a water damage restoration company in Phoenix

Monsoon season is approaching, and in Phoenix, high rain levels pose a greater risk of water-related issues for homes.

To find a good water damage restoration company, call us or search “water damage restoration” on Google for local options.

If your home has water damage, act fast. First, try to block the water temporarily without risking yourself.

Second, call an emergency water damage restoration company like ASAP Restoration, LLC.

When hiring a restoration contractor, ensure they are reputable, have a successful track record, and offer quality guarantees.

During monsoon season, it’s crucial they provide 24/7/365 emergency services.

As monsoons approach, homeowners should be proactive.

We can help with what you need to know about repairing water-damaged walls, doors, floors, and roofs.

If your home or office is already dealing with monsoon damage, contact ASAP Restoration for help today!