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Monsoon Season Can Cause Storm Damage in Phoenix

Monsoon Season House Damage

Monsoon season in Arizona, typically from June to September, brings intense storms and heavy rainfall. These storms are crucial for replenishing water sources and mitigating the arid climate. However, they also pose significant challenges, including flash floods, property damage, and the risk of mold growth.

During monsoon season, Arizona faces challenges such as flash floods, intense winds, and property damage. Heavy rainfall can lead to flooding, causing water intrusion into homes and businesses. Swift action is essential to prevent further damage and ensure a safe living environment. In such situations, having a reliable restoration company on your side is crucial.

Monsoon Restoration Company

A restoration company plays a vital role during monsoon season in Arizona. When water damage occurs, immediate response and efficient restoration are necessary to prevent structural issues and mold growth. Restoration professionals have the expertise and equipment to assess the damage, extract water, and restore affected areas. Their prompt intervention can minimize the impact on your property and belongings.

Having a restoration company on your side provides peace of mind. It helps knowing that trained professionals are ready to handle the aftermath of a monsoon-related incident for you. From water extraction to mold remediation, these experts can efficiently restore your property to its pre-damaged state. As monsoon season approaches, taking proactive steps and partnering with a restoration company ensures thorough preparation. Protecting your home from intense weather conditions in Arizona becomes crucial to prevent mold growth.

The monsoon season is on the verge of arrival in Arizona by late June. Temperatures soar into the 100/s and humidity increases as the storms brew. Grasses dry out in the sun and shade is at a premium everywhere. Once the wind picks up and clouds start rolling in you know that the summer storm season is closing in. Arizona braces for the welcome first drops of rain and dreads the damaging storms that follow in the monsoon season.

Challenges and the Need for Restoration

Monsoon is the name of the large scale weather pattern that takes hold in summer months in Arizona. Warm air creates surface low-pressure zones, drawing moist air from the oceans, causing monsoons. Arizona’s westerly winds shift to a southeasterly wind pattern in the summer. This brings moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and California. The wind shift produces storms in a cycle of “bursts” (heavy rainfall) and “breaks” (reduced rainfall).

The North American monsoon season occurs over northwest Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Colorado and Utah. Southeastern Arizona usually experiences stronger winds and the most rainfall. The monsoon season begins on or about June 15 and ends on or about September 30th. The storms in Arizona peak in July and mid-August. Approximately half of the annual rainfall in Arizona occurs during the monsoon season.

In Arizona the level of rainfall can vary between short distances. Mountain areas tend to receive the most rainfall. Downpours are often short and steady rainfall is usually heavy. The heavy rains can cause flash floods and damage homes and businesses. If moving water picks up debris the combined force of the roiling water and debris can cause mudslides. Mudslides can wipe out homes, businesses, standing trees and even roadways.

Protect your home with adequate insurance for flood and fire damage. When you want the best coverage and the monsoon damage restoration company on your side call us. Remember to get mold testing and removal scheduled after storm waters invade your home. If your home is already dealing with monsoon flooding, contact ASAP Restoration today!