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Mold Testing

Mold Testing Specifics to be aware of

Mold testing and asbestos may not be as apparent as a fire or a flood, but they still cause damage.

Asbestos and mold also cause harm particularly to the health of people who live or work in a given property.

Mold, for instance, can trigger a wide range of health issues, including skin allergies and breathing difficulties.

Asbestos, on the other hand, is quite infamous for being a cancer-causing material.

It happens to have been widely used in construction before its adverse effects were uncovered.

We offer 24/7 asbestos and mold services. We will relieve you of a problem that could take a turn for the worse if you ignore it.

Professionals Solve Mold Testing and other Issues

The final ingredient that mold of any type needs to grow is water.

It can be liquid water or ambient water suspended in the air in the form of humidity.

This is another reason air conditioning ducting makes such an ideal environment for mold growth.

In a humid climate, the cold air in an air duct will cause water to condense on the outside surface.

Then in the winter, the reverse happens. The cold air will cause the warm air on the inside to condense on the surface of an air duct.

If a home sits on a raised foundation, then it’s likely that there is ductwork underneath the house.

That brings another level of risk. Rodents like raccoons and possums can tear at and pull down air conditioning ducts.

This can cause them to be exposed to pooling water during storms.

Then up in the attic, there is always the risk of roof leaks causing mold in air ducts.

Mold Inspection and Removal

ASAP Restoration will perform a thorough inspection of your property to confirm or dismiss the presence of mold and asbestos.

Armed with their training, experience, and equipment, our technicians will scour suspected areas.

There they will take samples for testing at an independent laboratory.

Once we confirm that your home is contaminated with mold and asbestos, we will work on removal right away.

Aside from removing them from the premises, we will also plan on how to dispose of them safely. We do this all in keeping with environmental laws.

Mold removal and asbestos contamination is a serious matter, so there should be no delays in dealing with them.

If your insurance has mold or asbestos coverage, then it should be easy to use our services. This is because we work well with all insurance companies.

If you suspect that your home has an asbestos mold contamination, call us at ASAP Restoration the soonest possible time.