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Lower Risk Through Cleaning and Disinfecting – Part 1

cleaning and disinfecting

The most important thing you can do to reduce the risk of infections and prevent them from spreading is to wash your hands and use hand sanitizers. Another way to minimize the risk of infection spreading is through cleaning and disinfecting your home and place of business. No matter if you’re in charge of the cleanliness of a child care center, school, restaurant or just your home, it’s important to have the right strategy in place.

You need to have a plan for cleaning and disinfecting

When you decide to create a plan for cleaning or disinfecting your home/commercial space, it is essential that you assess all the surfaces in your home/commercial space so you could devise an effective plan and protocols that will prevent bacteria and germs from spreading.

How often should you clean or disinfect?

This mainly depends from one surface to another i.e., how often is that particular surface touched throughout the day. Things like light switches, door nobs and alike, will require more attention and more frequent cleaning and disinfecting. We highly recommend that high-touch surfaces be cleaned at least once a day or even more frequently if necessary.

Another factor that will play a huge role on your cleaning strategy, is who is occupying that space. If people that are frequently there are also at high risk of developing infections (older people, people with weaker immune system etc.) than the cleaning schedule should be accustomed to them, had to be stricter and to ensure that you minimize the risk of infection for them.

Also, if the surface/facility you’re thinking about disinfecting is, for example, a school and kids are not that keen on washing their hands frequently, it might also be necessary to clean and disinfect the surfaces frequently in order to prevent spreading infections.

Is my normal routine enough?

Sometimes, a regular cleaning and disinfecting routine with soap and water is enough the keep the place safe and germ/bacteria free. In these instances, is perfectly fine to use just soap and water to keep the level of bacteria, viruses and germs on a lower level that won’t pose a high risk to others. However, even though you might be very diligent in keeping your house/commercial space clean and do it regularly, we also recommend that you rely on professional cleaning and disinfecting services from time to time.

Teams like ASAP Restoration 24/7 have the necessary tools and knowledge that will thoroughly clean your home or office so you can continue with your normal cleaning routine with ease.

Routine cleaning and disinfecting – What should you include?

Every home or business will have different surfaces and equipment that are frequently touched by staff or customers and it’s important that those surfaces and objects be thoroughly disinfected.

When you create your cleaning and disinfecting strategy, make sure that you focus on door knobs, desks, light switches, phones or faucets etc.

In public spaces, where the traffic of people can be increasingly high, for example in shopping malls, diligent cleaning and disinfecting should be done after each use.

We will continue to discuss this topic focusing on what kind of surfaces you should clean or disinfect, how to effectively execute your plans and what products to use.


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