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Is Your Home Beyond Fire Damage Repair?

smoke damaged home after a fire


Thousands of homes catch fire every year. No matter how it starts, flames spread quickly and can cause severe property damage.

Fire damage repair has different approaches for different burns. There is smoke damage repair and flame damage repair, and each repair will have your home looking good as new.

If you are afraid the structure of your house has suffered too much damage, it may be reparable. Find out if professionals can restore your home’s fire damage below.

Fire Damage Repair

After a fire, you should not go into your home until it has been inspected and restored. It is not safe; potentially fatal dangers can go undetected after a fire.

Smoke discolors the inside of your home, further disguising the damage. Now you know professional repair is necessary, but here is more on what is possible to repair.

Water Damage

After confirming your house can be salvaged, the first thing to be repaired is water damage.

When the fire department hosed out the fire, a considerable amount of water entered your house.

Without proper restoration, the structure of your home weakens and then mold develops.

Mold growth can be fatal, and a residence with weak “bones” can collapse.

Smoke Damage

Smoke and soot removal are both vital to fire damage repair. It leaves your walls and ceilings stained black.

Damage restoration companies erase smoke damage and its dangers. Leftover burnt particles in your home can be carcinogenic, and that poses a real threat when left untreated.

Get a professional on the job to keep your family safe. There are plenty of different kinds of smoke damage, but a good restoration company can repair them all.

Flame Damage

The biggest worry for home or business owners after a fire is direct flame damage. However, even charred structures can be restored to strong, safe working conditions.

Experts with the right tools must evaluate and repair your home to guarantee safety.

If you need fire damage repair from a certified company, contact us.

ASAP Restoration has a talented staff standing by to serve you. By the time we are done, every sign of fire damage is eliminated, and your home or business is back in pristine shape.