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How Quickly Can Mold Grow From Water Damage In Tempe?

Here at ASAP Restoration, we wanted to fill you in on the dangers of mold growing in your house after a flood or a leak in Tempe. Water damage can cause a large variety of issues and mold is at the top of the list. Mold from water damage can start to appear 3 days after a flood or a leak. This gives you time to clean your house and inspect everything to be sure you have gotten rid of all the possible water. But it is better if you clean your house on the day of the event. I mean really deep clean your home, you want to be sure to disinfect and clean up all the water everywhere you can find it.

A professional cleaning team would be ideal for this situation for your home in Tempe. You can ensure that they will fully clean your house and get rid of any health risks within your building. The mold itself can cause a variety of different health issues. That is why it is important to get rid of water damage and clean your house after water damage has occurred. Letting the mold sit in your house for too long can cause more mold to spread throughout the interior of your house. But mold needs a dark wet environment to grow. So if you are able to clean up and disinfect the affected area, things should return back to normal and you won’t have to worry about the health risk.


Preventing Mold Growth From Water Damage In Tempe 

At ASAP Restoration, we recommend after the flood or leak in your Tempe home has occurred that you go throughout your house and clean and disinfect the affected areas. Make sure you are drying everything up and getting rid of the moisture that may be throughout your house. After cleaning your house thoroughly, you should make sure to regularly check your house for signs of water damage.

If you have a basement it is usually the first place to take water damage after a flood in Tempe, at ASAP Restoration we recommend sealing your basement to help prevent water damage. This can help prevent moisture from negatively affecting your basement. You can use waterproof sealant on the floors and the walls in your basement. Installing drains and sump pumps in your basement can also help minimize the risk of water damage and mold from growing in your basement.

Checking your house regularly can be the number one way to prevent water damage in Tempe. You want to make sure all drains are pointed away from your house so the water doesn’t go into the soil and seep into the foundation of your house. This can cause water damage and make the foundation of your house unsound. If you have sprinklers or an irrigation system, they should be the next spot you check to ensure it isn’t causing water damage to your home. You should make sure to check daily that the sprinkler system is pointed away from your house, daily activities can cause them to get flipped in the wrong direction, and having them facing your house can cause water damage. You want to make sure your water spigots are off to prevent water from dripping down onto your house. 

Other areas you should check to try to minimize the hazard of water damage are windows and doors. These can play a key role in preventing water damage from worsening or affecting your house in general. They are easy access points for moisture. It is important that you take your windows and doors and you seal them around the edges to prevent moisture from seeping into your home. Check your roof regularly, small holes can lead to leaks and spots in the ceiling that you may not notice unless you check. Proper storage of items is also important. You want to keep things off the floor or store them in bins. This goes for your garage and basement as well. This prevents them from being water damaged or affected by leaks.


What To Do When Water Damage Is Spotted In Your Tempe Home 

When you spot water damage in your home in Tempe you should identify the source of the leakage. If you figure that out you will be able to prevent any further water damage from occurring. This should be your top goal when you do come across water damage inside your home. That way you can prevent spreading and more complications coming up in the future. You will also want to protect your pets from this, try covering it up or blocking it off so your pets won’t be tempted to go over to it and mess with it. This can seriously harm animals and you don’t want to unknowingly put your pet’s life at risk. Once you identify the source of the leak, you want to shut off the water to the source. If that doesn’t stop it you may need to find the shutoff valve for the water in your house to fix the problem. The location can vary from house to house but some places to check are the basement, crawl space, or near the foundation.

Next, you want to disconnect all electronics and power from that area. You don’t want to cause an electrical fire or damage your electronics so it’s best that you disconnect them and move them to a safe place. Next, you want to remove all porous objects from the area so you have a clear environment to locate the problem. Also preventing more damage from occurring and causing you bigger problems. After that, you want to clean up as much water as possible. Dry the area completely and try not to leave any moisture behind. Then you want to set up fans and dehumidifiers all around the room to get the areas that you couldn’t reach. This will help aid you in drying the area and preventing further water damage from occurring. These can be very helpful to have so if you don’t own a dehumidifier you may want to purchase one.

After drying up the area ASAP Restoration recommends you thoroughly disinfect to clean up the bacteria and other things that may have come up through the sewer line. This can help lower the risk of bacteria and fungi growing in that room. Getting a professional cleaning team can help you out tremendously. You should contact your insurance to let them know what happened. They will want to know the extent of the problem and will contact your contractor to figure out the repair cost.

If you have any questions or concerns about mold growth from recent water damage in your home in Tempe, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to answer your questions and we want to make sure you are informed and ready to combat water damage.

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