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How Does Mold Testing Help With Restoring Your Home?

Mold testing and removal service

Mold Testing Is Critical In Restoring Water Damaged Homes

Mold testing plays a large part in determining the amount of damage and knowing how much damage and what type of mold is found in your home in Tempe it is an essential part of preventing further spreading.

Here at ASAP Restoration, we can run a number of tests on the mold. We can figure out the best course of action to take to remove the damage from your home in Tempe.

We can ensure that we are using the right tools and the right methods of cleaning up that specific mold.

Some molds have different strengths and different ways to deal with them. So, if we were to go in blindly it can lead to bigger issues.

That is why mold testing is an important part of preventing mold damage from occurring and fixing it completely.

Fully Understanding Mold Testing

We are going to walk you through the process of mold testing.  This will help to fully understand how mold testing works in Tempe at ASAP Restoration. 

Ensuring mold testing is done is beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Mold can appear from water damage, signs of mold are smell, discoloration, and spots or bulging.

If you are experiencing any of these in your home, you should reach out to professionals.

Here at ASAP Restoration, we ensure top-quality testing. This will help us to make sure to get rid of the mold in your house.

The testing process can vary in lengths. Sometimes with an infestation, it can take multiple tests to figure out the best course of action.

We will be sure to spot all the water damage in your home and make sure you didn’t miss anything in the process of self-inspecting.

Specialized Mold Testing Technology

Here at ASAP Restoration, we specialize in multiple types of molds. When we receive an alert about water damage and mold, we aim to determine the source of the mold.

That way we can pinpoint the reason it developed. Then we can start looking for the water damage and the reason it happens.

If it wasn’t due to a flood, then it may be an unknown leak that you didn’t know about.

This is why we will walk through and inspect the houses to ensure you didn’t miss anything.

It is important to develop the habit of regularly checking your house for mold damage or wet spots.

You may not know you have a leak but looking through your house can help ensure you don’t.

After Mold Testing Has Located Spores

Once we locate the mold in your Tempe home, we will run a number of tests. This will allow us to see what is going on.

Our inspectors operate with top-of-the-line technology. We use tools like thermal cameras and moisture meters to assess the situation accurately.

Using these tools we can pinpoint the exact cause of the mold. Then we can determine the damage it has done.

This will also tell us if there is a mold infestation. If left unnoticed it can lead to a plethora of health issues.

Mold gives off a horrendous smell. But it also creates respiratory issues and in the worst cases can cause a stroke or death.

Initially we start by finding the source of the mold. Then we can determine where the water damage took place. Ultimately we can test the mold and figure out what mold it is.

Determining what type of mold is affecting your house can be tedious. Sometimes it takes multiple tests and other times it is just a couple.

With water damage in different areas of your house, there could be different types of mold affecting you at once.

This is more tricky and would involve more testing to get to the bottom of it.

Professional Mold Removal Steps

Once we determine what mold it is we can start professionally removing it. Our work will eliminate all the mold in your home in Tempe.

We start that process after fixing what caused the water damage in the first place. This is because if we didn’t it would most likely just return again.

So once the water damage is out of the way we can proceed and remove the mold.

Utilizing the knowledge we obtained from testing, we know exactly what to use to ensure we remove the mold. This way we can prevent it from affecting your house any longer.

You won’t have to worry about silent issues creeping up on you like respiratory problems.

But it is important that if you do get symptoms of any respiratory issues you reach out to a doctor. Then, let them know what’s happening and what caused it.

That way, you can ensure they will fix it or stop the issue from worsening over time.

Determining The Source of Mold Infestations

First we set about figuring out the source. Then we begin by removing the mold in your home in Tempe. Then we can assess the damage it has caused.

The longer water and mold exposed your walls, the more damage they will cause.

That is why it is important to regularly check your home for water damage and mold. This way you can help to prevent infestations and large amounts of damage.

If left alone mold can damage your walls, floors, ceiling, roof, and furniture.

Often times it is less expensive to replace the materials instead of trying to fix them.

We are more than happy to clarify things that may confuse you. We can also answer questions you can’t find the answer to.

You are our top priority. We want to be sure we inform you about how to protect yourself from mold and water damage.

If you have any further questions involving mold testing in Tempe, give our ASAP Restoration team a call today.