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How a Water Restoration Company Can Prevent Storm Damage

Water Flooding Under Doorway

Learn How A Water Restoration Company Can Prevent Storm Damage

Water restoration company experts like ours know that time is critical in these situations.

One of the most dangerous things about storm fronts is that they can change in a minute.

As a homeowner, there is nothing worse than coming home to storm damage.

There are a few things you can do to avoid storm damage before it happens.

By the end, you’ll understand why ASAP Restoration should be your first call for a water restoration company.

Tip #1: Keep Your Trees Trimmed

The first thing to consider is the foliage right outside your home. The trees and shrubs that line your street and provide shade can also cause damage in a storm.

Take a closer look at your trees. Inspect for damaged or weak branches that you can remove.

Failing to remove them can cause them can result in damage to your roof, windows, or vehicles. Regular outdoor maintenance can keep your home safe.

Tip #2: Check Your Roof Tiles and Drainage

The second thing to consider before a storm hits is your roof. Whether you inspect your roof and gutters yourself or enlist a professional, it’s important to look for damaged tiles.

Similarly, you should take a closer look at your gutters. Look for any obstructions or weak sections of pipe.

In either case, be sure to repair the damage as soon as possible. Even a few inches of rain can result in a leaky roof or a flooded yard.

Tip #3: Waterproof Your Basement

The third thing to consider starts at the bottom of your home: the foundation. Waterproofing your basement prevents water from entering your home at the weakest part.

It’s also important to take a closer look at the rest of your home. Even the smallest cracks or spaces around windows and doors can allow moisture inside.

While it might not result in standing water, it can bring water damage that hides behind walls. Untreated water can lead to mold growth in as little as 24 hours.

Mold leads to a variety of health problems that only get worse.

ASAP Restoration: The Company That Does It All

Now, it’s time for you to protect your home after learning about the top three dangers associated with storm damage.

It’s important to know that you’re not alone in this process. Let certified professionals take care of the difficult parts of protecting your property.

The experts at ASAP Restoration have been handling water, fire, mold, and other types of home remediation for years.

If you need restoration work, don’t delay–contact ASAP Restoration for help today!