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Health Hazards of Asbestos

health hazards of asbestos removal

Health Issues Associated with Asbestos Removal

Hidden health hazards of asbestos can lurk in many places, even in our homes where we should feel safe.

Construction industry workers regularly face the highest vulnerability to asbestos exposure.

These service professionals regularly expose themselves during their work eliminating storm damage.

Though even limited exposure by anyone can cause health problems.

A simple renovation project could pose a high-risk, leading to long-term negative impacts.

Why are health hazards of asbestos so important?

We already stated that exposure to asbestos can cause severe health problems, most commonly lung cancer or mesothelioma.

However, just by living in a property that contains asbestos in its structure, will not cause health problems.

Before you do any kind of repairs or renovations on your home with asbestos make sure to follow these tips.

  • You use hand tools instead of power tools.
  • Wear the appropriate protective equipment.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner, not a broom, for cleaning.
  • If there’s any waste, make sure that you put it in a heavy-duty bag and seal it properly.

However, if you’re not 100% sure whether your home contains asbestos, we strongly recommend asbestos testing to be sure.

Skilled technicians conduct this testing, sparing you and your family from exposure.

The highest risk is present when you do home renovation projects or repairs such as mold removal.

These disturbances aerate the small asbestos crystals or fibers get airborne and you get into contact with them.

What and Where is asbestos?

This term describes a group of natural minerals with various types that resist heat and corrosion.

Their remarkable resistant properties led to extensive use in constructing homes and commercial buildings.

Numerous construction industry products, including those in the car industry, contained asbestos.

Despite the significant health hazards of asbestos exposure, it is still somewhat in use, particularly in the US and Canada.

Contact our team at ASAP Restoration today if asbestos fibers have already contaminated your home!

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