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Mold Removal in Goodyear, AZ

Mold infestation is something you do not want to just wait around and not treat the issue immediately. Flooding and fire damage can also cause mold growth inside of your home or business. Let’s our experienced team here at ASAP Restoration in Goodyear, AZ make sure you have no trace of moisture built up within those walls, ceilings, and floors so it doesn’t give it chance for mold to grow and cause major health issues for you and others. 

When you call our team, we will arrive on-site to do a walk-through inspection and look over areas where mold may be present. We always take samples of the molds before removing them so that they can testing by sending them off in order to find out more information about what type of toxicity levels there might have been inside your property which could determine the approach for removal depending upon whether its safe enough now without causing any damage/injury during the cleanup process. 

When it comes to mold infestation our experienced team here is always ready to gear up in protective gear and professional equipment to make sure our team’s safety is secured and there is no trace of any moisture for mold to feed off of. We will come in with our restoration tools for molding such as HEPA air scrubbers, zip walls, mold coatings, and mold sealers. We will need to start drying out the humidity inside because mold feeds off of moisture. Then, the restoring part comes into play where depending on the damage we can reconstruct areas of the house if needed and repaint. Once all the areas are completely dry, we will use our industrial-grade chemicals on all affected walls and floors this ensures that if there are any areas that could not reach are dried out. We will also walk through the property again before leaving the property to make sure there is no trace of mold.

Wondering if your homeowner’s insurance covers mold growth? Floods can cause a lot of damage, but you might be able to limit the effects on your home if it is flooded. flood insurance will cover any and all damages caused by flooding in addition to protecting against mold growth that may result from this natural disaster. Mold isn’t usually included under standard homeowner or floods policies so having special coverage for these types of events would seem like an essential necessity- especially since they’re preventable! Our team at ASAP Restoration in Goodyear, AZ knows exactly how difficult making choices about which policy could become when dealing with such delicate matters; we provide personalized consultations 24/7 throughout the Goodyear, AZ region here where most residents live. 

If you have been getting ill often and wondering if you might have molding inside of your property, call us today at (602) 515-7918. 

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