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You might be wondering why you keep getting sick lately? If your home has been flooded from mother nature or an unexpected pipe burst, our team here at ASAP Restoration is ready to provide professional mold testing and removal in Gilbert, AZ. 

Our team starts by taking a walk-through inspection of your property and looking over any areas that may have mold growth and built-up moisture. We also gather mold samples that may lie inside of your property and send them over to the lab. After we receive lab results back, our team will review them carefully before strategizing how best to go about treating those specific types or growths. We also want other homeowners in danger since they may not have known what was going on at their houses–so yes; please do stay away during the removal process while professionals take care of everything inside/outside including repairing any damages caused by moisture seeping through walls etc. With newer technologies like HEPA scrubbers & zip walls, mold coatings, and mold sealers, our experienced team will remove any mold in all areas and also repaint anything that may have damaged the color of the walls and floorings. 

Homeowners’ insurance is there to cover any loss or damage that might happen at your home. One of the most common causes of this type of event is floods, which can lead to mold growth, as well as poor ventilation during these times when water starts flowing through every room in search mode! Covered Perils protect you from losses caused because something else happened besides what was covered under a standard policy. 

If you think you may have mold growing within your walls, don’t hesitate to call ASAP Restoration in Gilbert, AZ at (602) 515-7918. 

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