Fire Damage Restoration

When a fire strikes your home or business, there isn’t much you can do while it’s still raging. But once the fire is under control, you should then make arrangements for a fire damage restoration service to come to your property and fix everything.

And if you want one that can provide the kind of cleanup and repair of fire damage Phoenix Arizona residents have come to trust, you need to look no further than ASAP Restoration.

Dependable fire damage restoration contractors

Fire damage restoration services by ASAP RestorationASAP Restoration is a fully licensed and bonded company that specializes in the best fire damage restoration Phoenix has to offer. With our tested and proven 24/7 fire restoration services, you can rest assured that your property will be back to its original state by the time we’re done.

We have a team of fire restoration technicians who can seamlessly bring your house or business to its former glory with the help of their skills, training, experience, and special equipment. As fire and smoke restoration experts, they follow a thorough and state-of-the-art process to make sure everything is done in the safest and most effective way possible. Here are some of the fire remediation services we provide:

Fire damage cleanup

Before we can begin the fire & smoke damage restoration process, we need to clear and clean the affected area of your property first. Our crew will get the ball rolling by removing fire damage as soon as they can. Using their training, experience, and special equipment, our restoration techs will be able to get the charred and soaking wet (from fire hoses) parts of your home or business out of the way.

It’s absolutely essential to get fire and smoke damage clean up done before all the soot, water damage, and possible chemical contamination become health hazards.  The types of smoke damage you may have to deal with include:

  • Wet Smoke Residue
  • Dry Smoke Residue
  • Rubber and Plastic Smoke Damage
  • Oven Fire Damage
  • Fuel Oil Soot

It’s a good thing smoke damage restoration is a specialty of our crew. Call ASAP Restoration 24/7 at 602-515-7918, and you’ll have access to the fastest and most efficient way of cleaning up smoke and fire damage Phoenix can provide.

Fire and smoke damage repair

Once the fire clean up is finished, our restoration experts can proceed with repairing any and all structural damage your property sustained during the fire and restoring everything to what it was before disaster struck.

When carrying out fire damage repair work, our team makes sure that everything is done according to the highest industry standards. Their skills in carpentry, drywall replacement, floorboard removal, and installation, painting, and other repair and reconstruction jobs will be crucial during this part of the fire and smoke remediation process. And whether it’s home fire restoration or commercial fire damage restoration, ASAP guarantees results that will help you put the fire in your rearview mirror and move on with your fully-restored residence or place of business.

The most trusted fire damage cleanup and restoration company in Phoenix

ASAP Restoration has been providing fire and smoke damage restoration services in the Phoenix area for some time now. We have earned a great amount of trust and goodwill among the residents who need fire and smoke restoration done and insurance adjusters who will have to check their claims, so you can be sure that your insurance will come through for you whenever you need the most reliable smoke clean up and fire damage repair Phoenix can offer.

So, if you live in Phoenix and surrounding areas and your property has been hit by an unfortunate kind of fire damage in Phoenix AZ, don’t think twice about picking up that phone and calling ASAP Restoration 24/7. We will be more than glad to provide you with topnotch fire and smoke restoration that has, for years, helped Phoenix residents recover from such a disaster.

Call ASAP Restoration 24/7 at 602-515-7918.

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