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Fire Damage Restoration Process in Tempe

Here at ASAP Restoration, fire damage can be a serious problem in Tempe, Arizona. Not only can it negatively affect your health and your finances. But it can leave your life in shambles. Having a house burned to the ground can be a dream-shattering experience and it can often leave you a shadow of your former self. When faced with a fire in Tempe, you first should evacuate everyone from the house. Including pets, should be your main priority, ensuring everyone makes it out of the house safely without anyone’s life getting put in direct danger. You want to try to stay as calm as possible even though it is a scary situation. To ensure you know what to do when a fire occurs in Tempe, set up a fire escape plan and practice it with your family regularly. This way you can ensure everyone is prepared for god to forbid a situation like this arises.

Restoring your home after a fire in Tempe can be a long process. Some things take days to even weeks to finish up to ensure that your house is habitable. Some issues like smoke and charred surfaces can cause major health issues so ensuring that all of those are taken care of is a necessity. With this in my mind, you should know that this process may go on to take a really long time depending on how severe the fire damage was. But the damage doesn’t stop at just physical damage to your property. Even if you are lucky and your house doesn’t burn down. If you were exposed to the smoke for long periods of time there is a chance that you have some underlying issues you may not notice. The smoke damage to your lungs at times can be irreversible. If young children are exposed to fire in their lungs they can go on to develop different forms of cancer in the future. That is why it is so important to have working smoke detectors and ensure that aren’t any hazards that could start a potential fire.

After your house has been affected in Tempe, all hope isn’t lost. There is a restoration process that ASAP Restoration specializes in that can benefit you greatly. Some things may be too far gone but other things can still be fixed and restored. This process does take a while but in the end, it is worth going through. Your home may not be exactly the same but it is still your home and you can still rest assured. The damage we would be dealing with is soot, mold, rust, and odors in your home. We will use the state of the arc technology to ensure everything is done correctly and professionally. Read more to understand the process and the steps we will take to restore your home.


The Process of a Fire Restoration in Tempe

The first step we will take is to assess the damage from the fire in Tempe. We want to make sure we don’t miss anything and want to collect as much information as we can about the fire and how it started. Once the structural damage has been assessed any obvious breaches need to be sealed. This can mean holes in the ceiling, broken windows, and missing doors. Structural damage however isn’t the only issue. The water used to put out the fire can also cause mold and we have to look for signs of that in your home as well. Once that is completed we will start removing debris from your home to get ready for the deep cleaning process. Removing the debris lowers the intensity of the smoke odor because all the objects are covered in the loft of the smoke. Any non-damaged belongings need to be moved quickly so they won’t risk the chance of getting damaged in the process.

We then start the cleaning process of sanitizing and wiping down walls and furniture. However, not everything can be saved and fixed. The process of doing so tends to take a very long time and it is also quite expensive. You are better off replacing the furniture instead of trying to get it repaired. This will save you time and money if you take this route. Losing furniture with emotional bonds can be devastating so if you are willing to wait you can try to get it restored to its former glory. To fully complete this process we need to make sure we are using the best technology possible. Our team comes equipped with the tools needed to complete the job to its fullest capability. This ensures nothing is missed or overlooked in the entire process leaving you less to worry about.

If you have any questions or concerns about fire damage in Tempe, please feel free to give our ASAP Restoration team in Tempe a call today! We are always open to any questions and would love to inform you about some things regarding our fire damage restoration services here in Tempe.

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