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Fire Damage Restoration Process

fire damage restoration process

No matter if it happened at home or at work, getting caught up or affected by fire is one of the most traumatizing experiences. The damage after the fire doesn’t end when the flames are extinguished. The emotional and financial difficulties can be harsh, but they can be limited through prompt and professional fire damage restoration process.

As a private home owner, you will most likely see your prized possessions be ruined and for businesses, they can face severe financial trouble since they can’t operate and do business.

The NFPA or National Fire Protection Association, says that across the US, a fire is reported every 65 seconds. Once the fire department answers the call, puts out the fire and the smoke clears, you need to start the fire damage restoration process right away. ASAP Restoration is available 24/7 so make sure to contact us.

What Goes Into a Fire Damage Restoration Process?

In this business, the first 24-48 hours are critical and we call them the “golden hours” of recovery. During that time, if there’s an effective emergency response, the facility will be stabilized and that will ensure a successful fire damage restoration process where we save as much of the property as possible.

The deterioration of your belongings is further accelerated by the effects of acidic soot and smoke damage. They even accelerate the corrosion of building components and severely compromise the structural integrity of vital assets.

In order to prevent this, fire departments usually put the fire out using dry components or water. And the toxic odor of smoke left in the aftermath, needs to be neutralized and deodorized.

Usually, a fire damage restoration process, consist of several steps:

  • Mitigating damage
  • Smoke damage cleanup and
  • Water restoration

A successful fire damage restoration process doesn’t just deal with the visible structural damages. It also has to thoroughly inspect the internal structure and to determine what will the recovery process be. The recovery is based on a number of factors:

  1. Is a repair more cost effective than replacement?
  2. How sever was the effect of smoke and heat?
  3. How much of the use of the property was lost?
  4. How much of the value was lost?
  5. Was there a decrease of life expectancy?
  6. Was there loss of sentimental value?

What does the process look like?

A fire damage restoration process can look very differently, depending on the type of property, severity of fire damage and how much time has passed since the unfortunate event.

But in general, an affective restoration process, usually involves the following steps:

  1. Assessment and evaluation of the extent of the damage
  2. Preventing further damage
  3. Decontamination, deodorization and cleaning out the smoke damage, dust and soot
  4. Restoration of the assets to its pre-fire state when possible

If your home or business has suffered fire damage, a successful fire damage restoration can help you bring back the property to its original state without the need of too much replacement. Our experts and technicians have the required experience, knowledge and tools to make this happen. Contact us and let us help you resume your normal life as soon as possible.

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