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Eliminate Black Mold from your Home

black mold in home

Kill Black Mold In your Home

Black mold growing inside your home may end up being a serious health hazard.

Not only does mold cause structural damages, but it can also cause health issues too.

Black mold is the most infamous species of fungus that exists.

Materials damaged by water provide the best environment for mold to thrive.

However, not all molds that appear dark or black are toxic black mold.

If you fear you’ve discovered toxic black mold in your home, you should have it tested by a professional.

After properly inspecting it, remove it immediately.

How to Remove Black Fungus

Before doing anything else, ensure you protect yourself from contamination.

Wear gloves, a respirator mask, an eye protection, and overalls.

Contain the mold spores by using plastic sheets to seal the room.

Let a fan run in the affected area to dry up moisture and excess humidity.

When removing the mold from non-porous objects, you can use bleach, vinegar, borax, or ammonia.

Keeping cleaned, mold-infested porous objects is not safe.

Throwing these things out is better, but make sure to contain them in sealed plastic bags.

There are simple ways to remove non-toxic molds from your property.

Leave the elimination of toxic kinds to a mold removal expert.

Again, if you are not sure what kind of mold is invading your home, have it professionally tested.

Removal of Toxic Black Mold Mycotoxins

A fungus produces mycotoxins, which are toxic substances.

They are much smaller than mold spores, making their removal much more challenging.

It could even take several years before these substances naturally break down.

What’s worse is that the human body could potentially ingest them, causing long-term illnesses.

There have been cases where homeowners end up moving out permanently.

This is because they cannot remove the toxic black mold from their contaminated homes.

Remove toxic black mold as soon as you detect it to prevent it from spreading throughout your home.

Talk to a Toxic Removal Expert

Do not wait until the mold in your home flourishes and contaminates your belongings.

People often take molds lightly, and tend to not act upon them right away.

But neglecting to take steps to have it removed or ignoring the problem all together will only make matters worse.

Once you have confirmed that the mold is indeed toxic, don’t disturb it.

Doing this will let millions of mycotoxins spores contaminate the air in your home.

Instead, leave it to a professional toxic mold removal company to diminish.

If your home already has mold contact our experts with ASAP Restoration and let us help today!