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Effects of Water Damage

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What causes the effects of water damage?

Knowing about the effects of water damage can help you to save your property if the worst occurs.

Home and commercial space owners fear water damage, especially during heavy rains or rapid snow melting.

The impacts of water damage can affect structural integrity, furniture, electrical installations, and appliances too.

Water damage increases the risk of mold growth within the first 24-48 hours, posing an expensive problem.

To swiftly and effectively address water damage , it’s advisable to contact a reputable flood damage restoration company.

They can assist in replacing or repairing damaged belongings and facilitate the cleanup process.

Categories of water damage

Thoroughly assess the property (home or commercial space) to determine the severity of water damage for effective repair.

Different categories of water damage result in various effects and require distinct restoration processes.

  • Category 1, caused by clear and clean water, poses minimal health risks.
  • Category 2, consider contamination as more severe when caused by gray water.
  • Category 3, the most severe, results from black water, which is unsanitary and contains harmful bacteria.

Various causes, from a leaky dishwasher to sewage backup, can lead to mold damage in households.

Heavy rains in your area may also result in water damage in the basement or upper levels of your home.

The results of water damage vary depending on the amount of water and the location the event occurs.

Health hazards

Upon detecting water damage in your home or commercial space, contact a professional restoration company promptly.

A skilled restoration team will eliminate water damage issues quickly and efficiently without cutting corners.

Our experts will also prevent mold growth and ensure the structural integrity of your home remains intact.

It can range from small quantities in the basement to severe structural damages, posing a risk of destruction.

Initiate the restoration and cleaning process promptly when your home or commercial space experiences water damage.

This helps contain the effects of water damage and minimizes the risk of further damage.

If your property is already experiencing the effects of water damage, contact ASAP Restoration for help today!