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Dealing with Frozen Pipes Before Calling a Water Restoration Company

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Before Calling the Water Restoration Company

During the frigid months of the year, there’s always a risk of damage caused by frozen pipes.

Homeowners should complete regular maintenance throughout the year.  

Here is how you should handle frozen pipes before calling a water restoration company to assist.

Tip #1: Shut Off the Water Main

First, shut the water main off immediately.

This will stop new water from entering your fixtures.

Next, completely open or “turn on” any fixtures in your home.

Doing this will help to relieve the pressure on your pipes.

It will also reduce the risk of a frozen pipe bursting.

Be sure that you leave the water off and the fixtures wide open.

Do this if you plan to leave the home for any reason.

Tip #2: Try Thawing the Frozen Pipes

Second, you can attempt to carefully thaw any visible pipes with a hairdryer or space heater.

Use caution when using this method.

Having either item too close to walls or flammable materials can cause a fire.

If in doubt, don’t risk it!

Tip #3: Check Thawed Pipes For Leaks

Third, if you can access the frozen pipes, take a closer look to see if you spot any leaks.

Significant expansion and retraction characterize frozen pipes.

The water pressure turned off when you perform this operation. 

Even in such a condition, leaks will be easily visible.

These types of situations tend to also lead to a mold contamination

Tip #4: Have Pipes Inspected ASAP

Fourth, you’ll want to contact a water restoration company as soon as possible.

It’s important for a professional plumber to take a closer look at the entire piping system.

Being cautious is preferable to regret, even in the absence of detected leaks.

Frozen pipes will experience significant changes in size and reliability as a result.

ASAP Restoration: Your Water Restoration Experts

If you suspect a frozen pipe is causing issues in your home, don’t wait to handle it.

When a frozen pipe thaws, water can begin flowing and cause flooding throughout your home.

We’ll be there quickly!

We promise that one of our certified technicians will arrive within 45 minutes of your call. 

Finding the problem, fixing the damage, and getting you back to normal is our top priority. 

If your home or office is dealing with a pipe leak, call ASAP Restoration for help today!