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What is Water Damage?

Even in a desert climate such as in Arizona, water damage can still be a common occurrence in homes and offices. It’s one of the fastest growing type of claim and can be caused by several things:

  • Burst pipes
  • Leaking pipes
  • Flooding or natural disasters
  • Leaky roof
  • Backed-up drains
  • Damaged or broken water heaters
  • Sewer backup

The majority of water damage problems start out and develop slowly, like a cracked pipe, creating other problems such as mold growth. Regardless of the cause of water damage, it has to be dealt with fast to ensure the health and safety of you, your family and tenants.

Chandler Water Damage – Types of damage

Water can cause several types of damage
  • Sewer backup
  • Standing water
  • Belongings (furniture, clothes, valuables)

Structural damage (drywall, flooring, framing etc.)Contacting ASAP Restoration, a professional water damage company should be your first step if you suspect that your home was hit by water damage. Then make sure that you turn off the water at its source (if possible) and start mopping up water in order to prevent it from flowing and affecting other parts of your property. If the water is sewage, leave the cleaning to our skilled and trusted crew. If water damage is occurring in a room with electrical appliances, make sure that you stay out of that area.

The process

Once our team is on site, we will start the water damage restoration process, which usually involves several steps:


Our team first needs to do a thorough inspection of the property to assess the situation and recommend the best course of action. We will also determine the source of the problem and stop the flow.


Once the source has been identified and the flow was stopped, in order to determine the right approach, we need to identify the water contamination category. Not every water damage is the same, and the restoration process differs based on whether the contamination is from:

White water – Commonly known as Category 1 which doesn’t pose any threat to humans but it can get contaminated by contact with flooring or other structural material. This type of contamination usually happens when there’s a bust pipe, washing machine water damage or falling rainwater.

Gray water – Category 2 water contamination, has some contaminants in the water which can make you and your family uncomfortable or even sick. When this type of contamination starts degrading, it can become very hazardous. It’s important that it’s cleaned quickly in order to prevent growth of microorganisms.

Black water – Category 3 is the most contaminated water and it’s extremely toxic to humans. Sewage, ground surface water, flood waters are all examples of Category 3 water damage.


The extent of the damage has to be determined on order to determine safety issues

Protection and demolition

Identifying belongings and part of the property that can be salvaged or contained.

Extraction and dry-out

Using industrial-grade equipment, our technicians will extract the excess water from your home and with the help of dehumidifiers, dry out the remaining moisture or humidity.


We will also perform testing to determine the air quality in your home/commercial space once all the water and humidity are removed.


To prevent the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria or mold, we will thoroughly clean and disinfect your home or commercial space

We know chandler. We know water damage.

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37.8 years
Median Age
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