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Chandler Mold Removal

As with most issues that ASAP Restoration deals with (fire and smoke damage, water damage etc.) mold removal is also a very time-sensitive problem that has to be addressed as soon as possible.

You need mold removal services if:

  • You see visible signs of mold presence in your home or commercial property
  • You or your tenants notice a change in air quality and are conserved about it.
  • Every mold removal process includes these four fundamental steps


Before we could for sure confirm that your home or commercial space is affected by mold growth, we first need to conduct a mold inspection. This is done by our trusted and skilled technicians who will inspect every part of the property for signs of mold infestation. Once the inspection is done, you will receive a detailed analysis of the scope of work required in order to remedy the problem. We will also document all the items and parts of the property that have been affected by mold.


Once the problem has been identified and we have documented the affected areas and items, we will start the next phase which is containment of the affected areas. A specialized negative pressure containment will be set up to prevent the mold from spreading and also to eradicate the mold from that part of your property. Once all the mold and mold-affected items/materials are removed, our cleaning crew will clean the area thoroughly in order to make sure that every last piece of mold is gone.

Property safety

When the cleaning process is done and your home or commercial space is ready for the reparation stage, we will make sure that your property is safe and the air quality is right according to the industry guidelines. Both the insides and outsides of your property will be tested and if the tests confirm that the mold was successfully removed, we can commence with the final stage which is the restoration process.

Reconstruction process

The reconstruction process starts with determining the scope of work, an estimate and detailed reconstruction schedule. Our skilled and fast-acting team will work on efficiently restoring your property to its pre-mold infestation condition.

The importance of quick and efficient Chandler mold removal

Mold spores are a common component to every household and workplace dust. Only when they are present in a large enough quantity and have ideal conditions for growth, can they cause serious health problems and damage your property.

Mold is usually found in damp, dark and steam filled areas such as your kitchen, bathroom and recently flooded areas. Mold infestation can cause severe health problems such as difficulty breathing, tiredness, rashes, sneezing and nasal blockage.

Mold removal should be done by a professional team of experts that know the ins and outs of the problem and that can offer an efficient and effective solution to the problem. DIY approaches might provide a short-term solution which cannot eradicate mold completely and the infestation will occur all over again. In order for you, your family and your tenants to feel safe and breathe quality air, mold removal or remediation has to be done thoroughly and right.

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