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Fire Damage Restoration Chandler AZ

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Fire Damage Restoration IN Chandler

When your home or commercial property is struck by fire damage, it’s important to act quickly. Even after the fire is extinguished, the fire and smoke damage to your property and belongings continues.

Time is of essence

In order to minimize the impact of fire damage to your property, proper action has to be taken and in a timely manner. ASAP Restoration emergency service is available 24/7, here to help you protect your belongings from total destruction.

Our highly-skilled technicians will walk you through the entire fire damage restoration process and as you a series of questions regarding:

  • The extent of the fire
  • The type of fire you experienced (electrical, grease etc.)
  • What type of property was affected by fire damage?
  • What was inside the facility (electrical equipment, cleaning supplies etc.) and so on.

Each fire damage restoration process with ASAP Restoration involves the following steps:

  1. Arrival and assessment of the situation
  2. Recovery procedures
  3. Removal of material and belongings that can’t be salvaged
  4. Document all the content that can be salvaged, repaired and cleaned
  5. Treat all damaged areas and structures
  6. Dry and treat all affected areas if water damage also occurred
  7. Deep-cleaning in order to remove odors and smoke damage
  8. Rebuilding the structures of your property
  9. Keep your property safe

A standard part of the fire damage restoration process is to document everything on the scene. So, our team will take photos, videos and inventory of everything that was damaged. Once everything is documented, items that can be salvaged and repaired are packed out and the cleaning process can begin.

When the entire property is clean, windows, and doors have to be boarded to protect your home or commercial space from theft or other forms of unwanted damage.

Checking for secondary fire and smoke damage

During the firefighters work on putting out the fire, they often use various amounts of water which can leave your house wet and can create ideal conditions for mold growth. This can happen in 24 to 72 hours so proper timely action is crucial.

If there is a risk of secondary fire/smoke damage and mold growth, we will test the air quality to confirm this, assess the damage and see what are the next steps in rectifying this.

Removing odors after fire damage

Aside from structural damage and mold growth, odors after a fire are a big concern, since they can affect your entire property, even parts that haven’t been affected by fire. A big part of restoration after fire damage is the removal of unwanted odors. This can be achieved using different cleaning techniques, depending on the severity of the situation.

Cleaning up after the fire

Residue from smoke can stain all your belongings or even alter the finishes on your home. It’s possible to clean up those stains and soot residue, thanks to our professional and skilled clean-up crew. Key items that have suffered the most damage will be addressed right away so that they are protected from further and secondary fire damage. We aim to  protect as much of your belongings as possible, including your precious personal and other items.

ASAP Restoration Provides 24/7 Emergency Services in chandler AZ.