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Chandler Mold Removal

ASAP Restoration of Chandler recognizes that addressing mold removal promptly is crucial in resolving this time-sensitive issue.

You need mold removal services if:

  • You see visible signs of mold presence in your home or commercial property
  • You or your tenants observe a change in air quality and express concern about it.
  • Every mold removal process includes these four fundamental steps. 

Our professional team employs advanced techniques and equipment to ensure efficient mold removal. Following industry guidelines, we contain the affected areas and use specialized negative pressure to prevent mold spread. After removing mold and affected materials, we conduct thorough cleaning, leaving no trace behind.


To confirm mold growth, our skilled technicians conduct a thorough mold inspection throughout your home or commercial space. After the inspection, you’ll receive a detailed analysis outlining the necessary scope of work to address the problem. We also document all items and parts of the property affected by mold.


After identifying the problem and documenting affected areas, we move to containment. We establish specialized negative pressure containment to prevent mold spread and eradicate it from that part of the property. After removing all mold and affected items, our cleaning crew thoroughly cleans the area to ensure complete mold removal.

Property safety in chandler

After completing the cleaning process, we ensure your home or commercial space is safe and meets industry air quality guidelines. Testing both the insides and outsides of your property confirms successful mold removal. The final stage, the restoration process, can then commence.

Chandler Reconstruction process

The reconstruction process starts with determining the scope of work, an estimate and detailed reconstruction schedule. Our skilled and fast-acting team will work on efficiently restoring your property to its pre-mold infestation condition.

The importance of quick and efficient Chandler commercial mold removal isn’t always paramount for people. Fungus spores are a common component to every household and workplace dust.

Mold can cause serious health problems and property damage when present in large quantities and under ideal growth conditions.

Infestation can lead to health issues such as difficulty breathing, tiredness, rashes, sneezing, and nasal blockage.

For effective mold removal, rely on a professional team with expertise in the issue. DIY approaches offer short-term solutions but may not completely eradicate mold, leading to recurring infestations. Thorough and proper mold removal or remediation is crucial for ensuring safety. It is also crucial for high quality air for you, your family, and tenants.

If your home or office is dealing with a mold infestation, contact ASAP Restoration for help today! 

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