Water Mitigation vs Water Damage Restoration

water mitigation vs water damage restoration

If your home or commercial space gets affected by water damage, water mitigation and water damage restoration should be executed as quickly and as soon as possible. Now, many people believe that these are two exactly the same thing but named differently. The fact is that these are two completely different services so saying that […]

Effects of Water Damage

effects of water damage

Every home and commercial space owner dreads of water damage. The chance and risk of water damage is much higher in times of heavy rains or when the snow starts to melt quickly after winter. The effects of water damage and the damage it can cause can be measured in thousands of dollars as it […]

Why hire a certified water damage restoration service?

why hire a certified water damage restoration service

Waking up in the morning or coming home and realizing that your home is hit by severe water damage, is probably one of the most devastating and horrible things that could happen. Water damage that hits your home or commercial property is not simply that. In fact, it’s a whole rollercoaster both mentally, physically and […]

DIY Water Damage Restoration Tips – Part 1

DIY water damage restoration tips

There are a lot of different things that can leave your home or commercial space severely water-damaged, starting from natural disaster, leaking pipes and all the way to sewage backup. When this happens, it’s always best to contact a professional water damage restoration service. However, until they arrive, you could try some of these DIY […]

Reconstruction after water damage

reconstruction after water damage

If your home or commercial space was affected by water damage or fire damage, the mess that is left behind is not an everyday cleaning task. Quite often, the damage done can seriously impact your property’s structural integrity and not all signs of damage are visible at once. In order to do a proper clean-up […]

Drywall Water Damage – How to identify it

Drywall Water Damage – How to identify it

It’s a very common problem in homes, that the drywall gets water damaged. Drywall tend to absorb moisture and water, which then causes a mold infestation and that damages the drywall even further. No matter if the drywall water damage is caused by leaky pipes, flooding or something entirely different, the repair and restoration has […]

Avoid water damage by not throwing 10 things down your drain

Avoid water damage by not throwing 10 things down your drain

Dumping different things down your drain might seem like a harmless thing at first, but the costs, which can be high, can hit you pretty quickly. To avoid water damage or clogged drains, don’t empty your kitty’s litter into the toilet. Or use the kitchen sink to dispose of dinner scraps. Or dispose of used […]

Commercial Water Damage – 12 Things You Need To know

commercial water damage

As a business owner, your building is your biggest asset. It’s quite a challenge to keep your building protected, but you can’t always keep your asset protected from commercial water damage, usually caused by burst pipes, plumbing line problems, flood or backed drains. At ASAP Restoration we have the necessary knowledge and skills required to […]

Water Damage Restoration Cost – 10 Factors That Affect It

water damage restoration cost

If you own or rent a home, water damage can be a huge issue especially if we don’t know how much will water damage restoration cost. It can happen to anyone, for many reasons, but the most common ones are: Sewer backups Clogged gutters Weather-related damage in case of flooding for example Faulty home appliances […]

Water damage in the basement – What to do?

water damage in the basement

The basements of our homes are probably the only place in the house that is the most susceptible to water damage. Based on a study done by insurance companies, almost all homes experience water damage in the basement at some point, some more than others. The mail culprit is clogged and overflowing gutters which are […]